Help for Nincompoop !

  Jawal20 11:32 09 Jun 2003

Hi People,
Ok having endured 4 years of a Packard Bell Club 65 (433mhz) I have now decided on a new system and have ordered an absolute monster - AMD 3000 + etc.etc.etc - looking forward to launch into cyber space !

Questions.... 1. Having never had to do it before how do I transfer information from old to new ?

and 2. I have a customer for the old one, how do I completely clear it of all information relevant to myself... so the new owner has a fresh start?.... I have Master CD's and floppy for old system, will re-boot do this ?

Sorry to be totally thick, but some of us old 'uns really did miss out on the computer age sadly - and trying to catch up - but too late!

Any simple explanations or referals to help topics would be most sincerely appreciated...Best wishes to all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:11 09 Jun 2003

1) You can write to CD assuming that you have a CD writer or if you can borrow a USB CD Writer. Failing that you can slave the old HD to your new computer and copy the info. click here

2) Just reformat the HD to clear the info click here and then reload the OS. Sometimes a master CD will let you return the computer back to factory spec (fresh install of OS)

before you start any of these post here for step by step instructions.


  Pesala 12:27 09 Jun 2003

I assume you have no CD writer, and if you're not very competent with computers you shouldn't be messing about inside a brand new PC plugging in your old hard drive etc.

Gandalf is a wizard so he can do such things with a wave of his magic wand, but anyone like you or me will trash both his old hard disk and his new one in the process.

How many documents do you need to transfer? If it is less than 10 Mbytes, you can do it with zip files and a floppy disk. Otherwise, you could invest in a USB 16 Mbtyes keyring drive and transfer it back and forth that way. If no USB on the old PC, a serial cable may help.

  rawprawn 14:09 09 Jun 2003

Just over 12 months ago I bought a new Dell to replace my old computer, as Gandalf says you can slave the old drive & copy no problems. My new Dell even had instructions on how to fit another HD, & at that stage I was a complete learner ( I am not much better now ) but did it without any real problems. I think you should have a go. Good luck.

  rawprawn 14:12 09 Jun 2003

I now use the secoind hard drive for backing up my system info Etc, it is really handy to have 2 hard drives.

  Jawal20 14:43 09 Jun 2003

Many thanks to all who advised, I must admit you all make it sound so simple....

Yes I do have a CD writer ....
and yes I will have try to sort it....

And yes Gandalf I will take advantage of your offer of "step by step" advice.... starting with switching on the system !!!!!!

Seriously I obviously don't want to blow anything up before I get chance to actually try it and appreciate your offer.

With regard to the old system, I do have CD1 and CD2 Master discs for restoring to factory level on Windows 98.... that will be sufficient for the person who is taking on my old one, it's just stuff like my personal details that I would like to ensure they are removed really.

Thanks again to all.

Gandalf do I need to get your help through the PC Advisor help service .... or can I post my "e-mail" address on here for you ?...

Very much obliged for your help.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:49 09 Jun 2003

You are best posting the questions on this forum as you will have many minds as a resource rather than one.


  wee eddie 21:51 09 Jun 2003

1. Have you ever used your CDR. It's not as difficult as it might appear.

2. Make a list of everything you want to keep, so that you can specify it when copying it to CD.

3. I know it sounds a bit basic, but have you a filing system that allows you to place everything.

4. Ask for help as you go along. Every new post you make will bump this thread to the front of the house again.

  Jawal20 22:47 09 Jun 2003

Hi wee eddie,
Yes I do have two in fact and use them for specific music work...
I have started to save some of the other stuff I have in readiness for when the new "Cyber Space Missile" arrives....funny thing - can hardly wait, perhaps because I have put up with this old gas boiler for so long eh ?...

I do sincerely appreciate all the help and advice and will certainly be taking whatever help there is, next week sometime is landing date, so watch for panic posting !

Cheers jawal

  wheelie 00:20 10 Jun 2003

Just be careful that you don't do what I recently did.

After enduring numerous crashes on my PB, caused by trying to install old Win98 compatible software, I fdisked and formatted the drive - BIG mistake! The information needed by the rescue disks was on a hidden partition which got lost when I repartitioned the drive. It had to go back to PC World to be re-tattooed before it would work again.

DON'T delete the hidden partition whatever you do, or the new owner is going to be incredibly annoyed.

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