Help - Is new monitor causing headaches?

  jediknight007 00:00 06 Feb 2003

Hi, I recently received my new Relisys TF770 17inch flatscreen monitor and then for the last 2 days, I have been unwell which started at first with a really terrible headache when I woke up the next morning. I sat in front of my monitor for about 2 hours I think whilst also watching the TV right near me at times whilst I was downloading or defragging my new hard drive. I got off eventually at Monday midnight and woke up the next day at around 7:20am.

Previously, I had a normal Time 17inch monitor and I guess that not having been used to sitting in front of a flatscreen monitor before could have made me a bit unwell. Could a high brightness setting on the monitor also give me a headache since I did at once turn it all up to 100% like I used to do with my old monitor.

I also found out that the plastic that was used for the casing of this monitor is kinda cheap and that with some force, you can bend it in a bit. I know that PCA reviewed some PCs about a year back with this monitor bundled with it and I would like to know whether the reviewers noticed this? Is this normal to reduce costs by choosing a less stronger plastic for monitor cases? Could this also mean that more radiation will be emitted from the monitor and will this mean that I should get one of those radiation filter things for my monitor? I would be very grateful for any help. Thanks in advance.

  DieSse 00:05 06 Feb 2003

Try changing the refresh rate - to at least 85Hz. I use one of these monitors, and have no problems at all - in fact for a budget monitor I think it's excellent.

Why would you need a radiation filter - against what sort of radiation? - it's TCO99 certified.

  jediknight007 18:26 06 Feb 2003

How do I change the refresh rate? Do I do that through the monitor settings or through Display Properties?

  exodus 18:34 06 Feb 2003

You are correct, it will be in display properties probably under settings. 75hz is usually the minimum, poorer quality monitors may give a slightly blurred image if used at too high a setting.
If you are unwell, then staring at a monitor is not likely to make you feel better.

  jediknight007 18:48 06 Feb 2003

Well, it's on 60 Hertz at the moment and the option 'Hide modes that this monitor...' is greyed out. The maximum I can select is 85 Hertz. If I select this, my monitor will still work though won't it? I guess I should go and download the latest Detonator drivers first since I only just started all over again.

  Rayuk 19:12 06 Feb 2003

Set it to 85 you will notice the difference.

  DieSse 19:41 06 Feb 2003

I'm running mine at 1024x768 with 32bit colour at 85Hz - This is just right for this monitor.

  Philip2 19:56 06 Feb 2003

I have a Relisys Monitor i run it at 75HZ it also works as has been said at 85HZ why are you running it at default 60HZ setting it makes the screen flicker i could not work with it set at default.

  robbins2074 20:39 06 Feb 2003

No wonder you are getting headaches if your running it at 60hz refresh rate.


  ellas 22:57 06 Feb 2003

you must have a user manual with it,that will tell you the settings you can use.

  woodchip 23:02 06 Feb 2003

do not put it above 75Mz at 800x600 it's a cheap monitor and it will burn out

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