Help with new laptop!

  hawthorn59 09:23 16 Dec 2010


Im in the lucky position of being able to treat myself to a new laptop, as I have a buyer for my old one. The problem is choice!

I've always had HP but notice that many of their mid range laptops no longer have a numeric pad, and I want that. So its a choice of the following Acers:

Acer 5551 Amd Phenom II triple core, 4 gig ram, 500G H drive etc appx €535

Acer 5734Z Intel Pentium dual core T4500 4 gig / 500 gig also €549

Acer 5742 Intel i3 processor 4 gigram/320 Hard drive €529

There are a few other combinations. Basically I suppose Im asking
1 which processor is the best, or will I even see any difference in everyday use

2 If i3 is better is a 320 gig hard drive ok? The guys in a few shops I looked in said if you nearly fill a 320 gig you'd be better off to get an external drive.(ie a filled 500gig drive might slow down)

3 Is packard bell with the same specs ok? Again, the guys say its a sister company of Acer

Thanks for your help!


  johndrew 11:33 16 Dec 2010

Much depends on what you are using it for.

If you are gaming the faster the better. For storage, the larger HDDs are better. But for general use any will be fine.

However, battery life may be a control so check this. Again faster machines often use more power.

External HDDs will slow you down as transfer rates will be lower than on an internal drive. A HDD that uses laptop battery will also drain it quicker.

Perhaps you should do a full feature and use comparison for each and then add you use in. It is likely to be the best way to decide.

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