Help with new Laptop!

  hawthorn59 03:42 18 Dec 2004

Hi All! My nephew and myself just purchased a new laptop each today. Im not at all convinced I chose the right one, so much so that the sales guy in pc world, Limerick, who was excellent btw, said I could exchange it within 7 days.
Heres what we purchased:


Advent P 4, 3.2,
512 Ram
64mb shared graphics

those are the main points of it.

My Nephew:

Phillips Centrino 1.6
256 Ram
64mb Integrated Graphics

So as you see a little different; I have the DVD RW and 512 Ram, he has the Centrino, therefore 1kg lighter and prob better battery life.
On looks his machine is a little ahead, though that wouldnt worry me too much.
Also he had a volume control on the side, mine hadnt, a bit awkward.

I wouldnt consider changing at all except we both set them up when we came home. Both worked very nicely, but I have 32 problems with mine.

1 There is a speck or spot on the screen and it wont go away. I think it may be on the inside. i dont want to touch it too much but it is noticeable at times. I really couldnt keep looking at it.

2 This is worse. Every 3 minutes or so there is a lot of noise from what appears to be a fan. Its really quite noisy, and as its a laptop, its literally in your face. I really cant stand that at all!

Okay, Im taking it back because of the screen. I wonder if this is a one off noisy pc or are all advents like that or is it because its a Pentium? The Phillips was totally silent.

Either way, should I change for the Philips? I could upgrade the ram if needed, and get an external DVD RW whenever I want it, if ever.

Thanks in advance


  Forum Editor 08:07 18 Dec 2004

The whole point about this is that if you are disappointed with the machine on day one you are unlikely to change your mind. The speck on the screen is likely to be a faulty pixel. You can often resolve this by massaging the spot with a moist cotton bud, but in view of the other problem(s) it's probably not worth trying.

Laptop fans can sometimes be a little noisy, and of course they are very necessary, but if noise is a problem you should do something about it.

It seems to me that the decision almost makes itself - return the machine and exchange it for a different model. As you say, you could upgrade the RAM if you bought the Phillips, and if it's of any help I've never once used the DVD RW on my laptop.

  281apple 08:21 18 Dec 2004

It appears you got a bad one and I suggest you exchange it rapidly before the 7 day period is over. As concerns what to buy, ask yourself the following and even more questions: Will you put music on your hard disk? Music? Do you have things you never want to lose? If the answer to this or these questions is Yes, either partition or get partitioned your computer or buy an external Hard Disk. I use an external 80GB Hard Disk and find it perfect for my needs; I have had it for eight monts and only use 60GB of the 80GB.

  feb 08:49 18 Dec 2004

Hi KC, if your not happy with the laptop now, you never will be, with a desktop you can change the peripherals, with laptops what you see is what you get!

For home use you could buy an auxiliary fan that the unit sits on, "dead pixels" are a problem and most manufacturers have an acceptable allowance, but it's you thats got to look at it!

Do you prefer your nephews machine? If so change yours. As your not happy with yours any way change it!

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