Help with new home network

  martjc 23:21 10 Sep 2003

I have Telewest BB going into a router feeding two machines. It seems that each machine can receive the internet but I am at a loss as to how I can share resources between the two machines.

I have tried the XP network wizard on machine 1. It gave a success message. I created a floppy to set up the second machine (Win98). The program seemed to run o.k. but I still can't figure how to see machine 1 from 2 and vise versa.

Please help. Driving me nuts...

  Forum Editor 23:45 10 Sep 2003

have the same workgroup name? Unless they do you won't be able to see one from the other. The default name in Windows is MSHOME - did you use that? Then, each computer must have its own unique machine name.

Finally, you should disable the WindowsXP firewall on both machines - they don't need it anyway because your router almost certainly has its own.

  Seadog 00:16 11 Sep 2003

I have exactly the same problem, although I don't really need to share files etc. between the two machines it would be nice. I have a cable modem connected to the EWAN port on the router and two computers connected to two of the "normal" ports. I can also connect a laptop to one of the spare ports to access the internet without configuring anything.
As regards a firewall, I am not sure about the router having one, I am currently running Zone Alarm on both machines....................

  martjc 09:03 11 Sep 2003

Both have the same workgroup name. They have unique machine names. XP firewall is disabled. I'm not saying there's anything wrong, just that I don't know how to accomplish the task and it doesn't seem at all obvious or intuitive.

  martjc 09:16 11 Sep 2003

In my local area connection are the following settings:

[*] Client for MS networks
[*] Service advertising protocol
[/] File and printer sharing
[/] QoS packet scheduler
[/] Netbios
[/] IPX/SPX/Netbios C.T. protocol
[/] Internet protocol

Where [*] is a partly selected category and [/] is fully selected.

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