Help with new graphics card not working!

  blueblob 21:02 11 Jan 2015

I've just put a new MSI GeForce GT 720 2gb gddr5 graphics card into my HP PC but when I turn in one with the moniter attached to my new graphics card there is one beep and the display goes from the blue loading screen tO black. My PSU can supply 12v on the a rail at 10A and 12v at 16A on the b rail. I worked out my graphics card won't use more than 2A as its very Lowe power even though it recommends a min of 20A on the box. Anyway is there anything I can do to get my new card, and upgrade from integrated graphics, working withought fiddling with deleting drivers and stuff? Thanks for all you help!

  wee eddie 21:42 11 Jan 2015

I think you've answered your own question.

Your PSU is unable to supply sufficient power which is not uncommon for a mass production machine. They only provide sufficient power to do the job required and no spare.

  blueblob 21:48 11 Jan 2015

Hmmm Ok so a lack of power could cause it to not function properlly? I guess it'll be a new PSU too!

  rdave13 22:00 11 Jan 2015

The Card only requires 19 W power as it's an entry level card. Did you install the Nvidia drivers while still on the onboard graphics? If you just physically install a GPU card, then the onboard graphics chip is disabled automatically and you end up with connecting to a GPU dedicated card that has no drivers.

  blueblob 15:20 12 Jan 2015

No I didn't instal the divers, I put the cd in when I had no gpu in and they wouldn't install I said it had to have the card in to instal the drivers.

I think what I'm going to try is to Force the PC to start in safe mode with the new gpu in, but not using it, then instal the drivers, the restart the computer in normal mode, that way I can instal the drivers whilst the new gpu is in the PC but isnt being used.

Hopefully that makes some sense!

Thanks for all your help what you said makes a lot of sense come to think of it .

  blueblob 15:21 12 Jan 2015

Am I suposed to instal the drivers from the Internet not the cd?

  northumbria61 15:26 12 Jan 2015

Drivers from the Internet could be more up to date

  blueblob 15:35 12 Jan 2015

Ok so if I installed the drivers off the internet whilst on the intergrated graphics, then plugged in the new gpu it should work? I'll give it a shot later thanks!

  northumbria61 15:36 12 Jan 2015

Keep US all posted as to how you get on.

  blueblob 18:29 12 Jan 2015

I can't install any drivers unnless the card is in the machine, which I can't do. I started windows in safe mode, but it gets stuck loading the core drivers after a fewt that it loads correctly. Before that there was a black screen with a white flashing underscore and before that was the blue loading screen it got stuck on before.

Any idea on where to go from here?

  blueblob 21:10 12 Jan 2015

Ok I give up it's not working I'm going to get a new psu I think Hopefully that'll sort it out!

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