Help with new Evesham pc :(

  _chris_ 13:20 12 Jan 2003
  _chris_ 13:20 12 Jan 2003

After owning my last Mesh pc for 7 years, not a happy marriage, I decided it was about time to get a new pc. Evesham micros has a shop in my city (Cambridge) so, together with that and the good press they seem to be getting here I decided I would give them my new business.
On Fri.10th Jan I collected my nice shiny new Axis 2700+GF48. Decided I'd spend saturday evening setting it up. Followed the step by step instructions, connected everything as described then powered up. So far so good. Was greeted by the welcome to Microsoft Windows screen. clicked next to go to the EULA, accepted that. Next step should have been to enter the product key for XP but that screen never appeared. Instead it was straight into the whats your computers name screen/internet connectivity/windows activation, to which i said no because I didnt want to clutter it up with my old dial up software as Im in the process of arranging cable with NTL. Lastly it asked me who the main users would be so i entered details there too.

After doing all that Windows appeared for the first time, all four user names nicely displayed. I clicked my username and arrived at my desktop whereupon i was met by an odd site, the screen seemed to be full of tiny little black marks about 1mm thick and 4mm long running horizontal across the screen. I thought , ok maybe its meant to be like that so I changed from the Evesham wallpaper to another one. Same problem.

Hmmmm, ok lets try and play a CD while its on , I'd like to see what this Inspire 5300 system can do. In goes a Foo Fighters CD with extra dvd clips. Sound was fine but the video in media player was hopeless, everything seemed to be marred with what I can only describe as a motion blur. Things seem to be pointing to a graphics card problem (MSI Ti-4800se). Now , I'm no computer geek lemme tell you but I'm thinking well if its a graphics problem wouldnt it affect any other panes and the taskbar etc too ? Media player looked fine in itself just the video it contained was unwatchable.

Time for a reboot then. I clicked to restart my computer but I wasnt met by the same screen I first saw originally. Now I see a blue screen, a dark blue bar on top and bottom, light blue in the middle with welcome to windows XP. The four usernames I set up are not visible so cannot get to a desktop and black lines are visible once again in patches on the screen, So seems a reboot didnt cure the graphics problem. From that screen I have nowhere to go thers no taskbar/start button obviously so no way of switching off or rebooting short of unplugging the whole thing, ctrl alt del does nothing either. I tried several resets from the tower case but same thing happened everytime so I finally unplugged and went to bed rather miffed.

Its now Sunday and Evesham support line isnt manned on a Sunday so I'm thoroughly browned off as you can imagine. Has this happened to anyone else, can anyone offer any help or ideas ? I hear that Evesham Micros has a special customer support thread here, what is it ?


p.s I realise my first port of call should be Evesham support but just wondered if I'm missing something really simple here or if anyone knows a quick fix.

  powerless 13:28 12 Jan 2003

Sounds like a graphics card problem or maybe a monitor problem.

What is your monitor?

Its best to leave it till tomorrow then get on those help lines.

If you cant get to the desktop there nothing we can do to help.

  powerless 13:30 12 Jan 2003

Oh check that the monitor connections are pluggged in frimly.

  oresome 13:39 12 Jan 2003

No expert but........

Check all the connections first.
Reseat the cards onto the mother board if you don't mind going inside the case.
Chances are its a poor connection caused in transit.
Keep the mains plug in the outlet, but switched off, if you do this and ground yourself to the metal chassis by momentarily touching it, before touching anything else to avoid static damage.

  powerless 13:46 12 Jan 2003

With respect on a computing level as easy is as that is to do.

_chris_ will invalidate/void his/her warranty if the case is opened.

Evesham may very well send out an engineer and see the case has been opened and if the card is at fault, point fingers at _chris_ meaning no new card.

_chris_ wait till tomorrow and phone evesham.

  Chris777 14:27 12 Jan 2003

Powerless, you're wrong. The whole idea of a PC is that it often gets opened up by the user, upgrades performed, parts removed/added so no way would that invalidate the warranty. Get in there and check out the connections as oresome suggests..... but my guess is that the graphics card is dodgy.

  brianthesnail 14:33 12 Jan 2003

Whatever the problem, it is up to Evesham to remedy it.

DON'T mess around with it other than making sure that all your connections are secure. Even if it is the simplest of problems, The onus is on the supplier to provide a machine that does what is expected of it.


  _chris_ 14:52 12 Jan 2003

just to set the record straight here the Evesham manual suggests removing the casing to check cards are firmly seated etc and that the warranty will NOT be invalidated. As to whether I should have to do that, thats another issue. I have had a brief look inside but in all honesty I really don't know what im looking for, there are power cables unconnected but then again as to whether they are just spare ones, I don't know. So I'd rather not get too deep into something I know nothing about other than checking all the cables on the outside are firmly seated, which they appear to be.

Last thing I want is to be down on Evesham without giving them a chance to remedy this but I have to admit I'm not happy that it wasn't working properly straight out of the box. The one thing that bugs me is that I got to the desktop fine after the initial set up but upon rebooting to try and clear the graphics issue, I can't get back to the same situation. I get to the welcome to XP screen but with no user options. Very strange indeed.

  powerless 14:53 12 Jan 2003


  powerless 14:53 12 Jan 2003


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