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  diddi.ash 20:00 08 Feb 2006

Just bought my son a acer AMD sempron 3000+ pc without the monitor, bought an acer tft monitor today and set it all up then turned the pc on, the tower all started up but i was getting no signal on the screen (see my other thread about that) when the tft did not work i turned the tower off from the plug as that was the only way i could turn it off with no scren active, put my own tft in and plugged tower back in and turned on, it said something about checking discs in so many seconds if i didnt click any key, i think thats cause i didnt shut down properly!
Then the screen had 'acer' on it and at the bottom of the left hand corner it said 'setup' DEL, and something else, wasnt quick enough to read it, then the windows XP welcome came up, then after about 2 mins the screen suddenly went black and the tower made the noise it does when it starts up and then 'acer' flashed up on the screen and said again, at the bottom left hand screen 'setup' DEL and something else, flashed that twice then the screen went black and the tower went quite...
I then tryed clicking on any button on the keyboard and that was not working as the light was not coming on (for example when you put the caps on)..

Any help as too what i can do??

  woodchip 20:17 08 Feb 2006

Check Monitor Sockets, You may have bent a Pin. If not. Start computer keep taping F8 as it starts, choose safe Mode. If you get in check Monitor Resolution Set it to about 1240X743 cannot remember the settings but about that. then try restart

  diddi.ash 20:25 08 Feb 2006

The monitor worked ok when i connected my own, which is still on the new pc, i am using the new acer on mine now!
If it was the monitor with a bent pin then it would not have come on at all would it?
Its just that the tower made the noise like when it sounds when you first start up, and then the screen went black...

  dan12 20:30 08 Feb 2006

Only had my new tft 17"monitor couple of weeks,
was advised to set it to its native resolution of 1280x1024 refresh rate of 60 hertz and colour to true colour 24 bit.

  diddi.ash 20:37 08 Feb 2006

yes but thats no help as i cant even get to the desktop as its a new pc, when you start up it asks for all your personal details first, as you are doing that it switches off.. this is now with my tft monitor which i have had running fine on my own computer at the right resolution!!

  007al 20:40 08 Feb 2006

Try tappinf F8 on start up and see if you can get into safe mode

  diddi.ash 20:43 08 Feb 2006

Then what if i can, what do i do??

  007al 20:51 08 Feb 2006

Sorry,itchy trigger finger!
Right click my computer-properties-hardware-device manager...see if there are any yellow exclamation or question marks.If there is,try installing the drivers(you should have a disc supplied),or double click to check device status

  diddi.ash 20:54 08 Feb 2006

Dont have a disk cause its an OEM version of windows XP

  007al 20:54 08 Feb 2006

Does the pc have onboard graphics,or seperate graphics card? If it has seperate card,check that its seated properly in its slot.With pc turned of at the mains though

  diddi.ash 20:58 08 Feb 2006

Just tryed right clicking on my computer @my computer' then properties and all i have is two tabs which are 'general' & 'shortcut'

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