help new at this

  Mosquitoes 17:35 08 Jul 2004

Hi I'm trying to put a very simple web page on to my blueyonder site using Microsoft frontpage a build a simple page a couple of potographs, save, then press publish web the password and stuff is all there after a while it comes up with
web site published successfully ..
click here to view yuor published web site..
but when i go there it is the generic page site that blueyonder have put up .
What am I doing wrong this is my first attempt

  Forum Editor 18:57 08 Jul 2004

1. You haven't named your homepage correctly - it must have the filename: index.htm

2. The Blueyonder server space doesn't have the FrontPage extensions installed. This won't necessarily prevent you from publishing a FP site, but it will stop any of the special FP components from working.

Check the homepage filename first, and come back if that doesn't work.

  Mosquitoes 19:52 08 Jul 2004

I'm not to sure about this but I have a PWP site provided by blueyounder where do I name it index.htm and the lady who I talked to at Blueyounder said that they support frontpage,
I'm sorry but when it comes to computers I have'nt got a clue T'm trying to start with somthing basic and work from there.

  Charence 20:57 08 Jul 2004

try renaming it to "index.html"

  Taran 22:48 08 Jul 2004

Open up FrontPage.

Create a new website and choose the Empty Web Site option from the General site templates.

Create a new page, type something on the page like "TEST PAGE" then choose the File, Save As option and save the file as index.html

You will have to add the letter 'l' onto the .htm file entension, since FrontPage names all standard web files by default to .htm

Publish the page to your web space and see what happens when you try to view it in the browser.

Some ISPs insist on your home page being called index.html while others will allow index.htm or index.html

If it displays OK then feel free to add more pages to the web, remove the test text and put something more appropriate onto the index.html file and develop your site from that point.

Renaming you current index file in FrontPage is one option but you need to be careful that it doesn't break the links to any other pages you already have set up, which is why I suggest that you make a new empty web and start with a clean page and name it index.html

Give it a go and post back with the results.

  Mosquitoes 20:41 09 Jul 2004

I don't know how or why it works but it has.. Could you recomend any books on how to deal with web pages ?
as again a big Thank you

  Forum Editor 23:08 09 Jul 2004

all web browsers look for a file called index.htm or index.html when they are asked to load a web site. If such a file isn't there nothing will happen - you'll get the 'page not available' message.

When you create a new web in FrontPage it automatically saves the first page you create as index.htm - you don't need to name it yourself. All web browsers will recognise the .htm suffix as well as .html

Confusion often arises when designing a first site because people confuse the page title with the filename. The title of a web page is the bit that appears right at the very top of the browser window,and is often used to describe the content. The filename is the important part as far as web servers and browsers are concerned, and your homepage should always be index.htm or index.html

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