Help with networking please

  Quilljar 09:15 02 Jul 2004

I have just bought a laptop. Both it and my desktop have ethernet cards and I have connected them with the correct lead. Both are using WinXP. I have followed the networking wizards to the letter several times now, but although the icons of the other computer have appeared in the windows of one another, when I click to open them I get an error message saying that the network path is not established. Can anyone help?

  johnsims 09:26 02 Jul 2004

Try searching the MS knowledge base using the exact words of the message enclosed in inverted commas. click here

  recap 09:34 02 Jul 2004

Each machine should have it's own unique name and IP address, example:

Machine 1) Home TCP/IP address

Machine 2) Travel TCP/IP address

Have you created any shared folders, on machine 1?

  Lozzy 10:49 02 Jul 2004

Don't forget in addition to the advice above each PC must have a different name bu same work group name like MS Home. Also make sure you have set the drives and folders to Share it will have a hand underneath the folder or drive that depicts share. Having just the drive to share is not enough you also need to share the folders. This has to be done on both PC's.

  BazzaHawkeye 10:49 02 Jul 2004

Don't forget to Share Folders and give each machine TCP/IP addresses usually and will suffice. Windoze are not a s friendly as Acorns!!! ( i know that name)

  The Spires 10:54 02 Jul 2004

Did you disable your firewall then re-boot and prevent your firewall running at start-up before you ran the setup. You need your network to be trusted in your firewall to share files printing etc. In my experience 90% of all network problems are caused by firewalls running during initial setup.

  recap 11:13 02 Jul 2004


Aren't they on the end of your feet?

Joking over.

The Spires, posting may be the key, disable XP firewall.

  vinnyo123 04:21 03 Jul 2004

If your HDD is formated using NTFS!!

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