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  fire 22:41 22 Jan 2004

i am trying to get my head around setting up a 'network' or simply connecting a laptop to my pc to transfer files. i do not have a clue how to go about it but in device manager of pc it says there is a 1394 net adapter and similar on laptop. both run xp could anybody take a little time to explain what i need to do in very simple terms.....many thanks

  Double Helix 22:52 22 Jan 2004

Fire, here's a walkthrough that will hopefully help you:

click here


  fire 23:03 22 Jan 2004

im still confused as to what cable connections i need to do this i have seen crossover cables , usb etc told you i was struggling any more help please

  Double Helix 23:30 22 Jan 2004

Fire, I'm not too familiar with ICS, although I have been advised that once you get going it's not a problem to setup.

I believe what you are looking for are straight-through (Standard) ethernet cables. Crossover cables are for when you are going from a PC into a router or hub to hub if my mind serves me right.

You should have 2 LAN ports on your public PC (The one connected to the Internet). From one of these your (Cable?) modem should connect into and the other should go to your laptop. Things change if your modem can only use USB to connect to your PC (This is generally the case with DSL modems). I wouldn't know how to get you round that as I dont think you can get a connector to suit those needs...hopefully someone can tell me I'm wrong though.

Although a bit costlier,I think your best bet is to get a router (I have a Linksys BEFSR41), plug it in turn it off and power up your modem then router then PC's and away you go.


  dazzling (work) 23:43 22 Jan 2004

fire im not sure but i think the reference to 1394 is to do with firewire connections.someone will come along shortly and verify that.for a simple connection you need to have an ethernet/10 /100 or naetwork card installed i think they are all the sam,e just get different names and you connect them with a crossover cable it looks like a big version of the plug that goes into your modem which is an rj 11 this one is an rj45 though.them all you need to do is use xps network wizard to set up a small office network for you.its easy once there connected xp does it for you.darren

  vinnyo123 02:24 23 Jan 2004

to go from PC to PC you would need a crossover cable (CAT5 UTP)

one NIC card in each

run network wizard

don't forget to disable xp's firewalls

1394 I agree firewire

  Double Helix 17:51 24 Jan 2004

Apologies Fire, when I said you were looking for straight through cables, I was thinking ahead about the router part, cheers Vinnyo123.

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