Help with Nero7

  Les T 11:48 17 Oct 2007

Morning, when i had Nero 6 if the DVD/Video file was larger than the 4.7GB blank disc i had in my burner, Nero would offer to shrink the file to fit on the disc.
However with Nero 7 this doesn't seem to happen, it does the encoding then refuses to burn the disc. Is there a setting i need to change, that will allow me to shrink the video file to fit on the disc?

Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 12:02 17 Oct 2007

I think you have to change settings to OverBurn This can damage you Burner if it does not have room to do it. check the help file for Over Burn

  jimv7 12:44 17 Oct 2007

If you use nero vision express it will automatically shrink to fit if the dvd your copying is not write protected.

  jimv7 12:46 17 Oct 2007

Or use DVD Shrink click here

  Les T 20:51 17 Oct 2007

I am not copying an existing DVD, i am trying to put on various video files onto 1 4.7GB DVD. I also use nero vision express, in Nero 6 it warned me that it would have to compress the files to fit; on Nero 7 it doesn't.

  Les T 17:02 18 Oct 2007


sorry dont know about nero but if you use shrink.

instead of open disc,select open files or re author and add files that way.once you have added files select back up.

  Les T 17:18 18 Oct 2007

Thanks *Raven*, i've got DVD Shrink, it's just that having had Nero 6 shrink files for me, i reckon there must be a way to do it in Nero 7.

ive got nero 7 though to be honest never used it.
Just had a little play..
from nero start smart
select make your own dvd
theres a more button ,click that then video settings,and change the transcoding to super long play and then add files it compresses down,the compression varies dependant on the type of transcoding
Ill watch your thread though matey,there must be a easier way Lol.
ive had nero 7 2 years, time to learn how to use it i suppose :-)

  Les T 18:27 18 Oct 2007

Cheers *Raven*, sod's law is i've nothing to burn at the moment, but i'll try your suggestion when i do. I'll leave the thread open.

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