help needed.....again :O)

  BWFCHORWICH 08:03 04 Feb 2004

I have designed a banner for my website using fireworks. Does anyone know if it is possible to place a "button" on the banner than can be used to link to another page?
ie..there is a part of the banner you can click to direct you to another page. i need to place about 5 "buttons" on the banner.

Thanks in advance

  chesterfield 08:56 04 Feb 2004

You can create 'hotspots' anywhere on the banner you like and have as many as you like - these can be used like buttons.

Are you using software such as Dreamweaver to create your site?

  BWFCHORWICH 09:37 05 Feb 2004

im designing all my banners etc in fireworks but using frontpage for designing the rest of my website.

do the hotspots only work with dreamweaver? i couldnt seem to get them working with fp.

  tomleady 09:58 05 Feb 2004

you creat your banner in friweorks. add hotspots to it, say a circle in the middle of it where you want the user to click. draw a hotspot over it, name is something relevant (hotspot1), then export your files to the relevant folder.

then go back to your banner, change the colour of the circle, put teh hotspot back over it, and rename it (hotspot2), then export the image again.

doing this will export the main image and the two hotspots.

then in DW or FP, put your images in, and for the circle (which will be a separate image), use a rollover effect. and you cxan make it the link.

hope that explains it!

i'l have a look for some tutorials for you.


  tomleady 10:01 05 Feb 2004

if you can create buttons in firworks, that might be easier. create you image, and make the button in it. then export it has HTML.

then in Dreamweaver, go to: Insert> Interactive Images> Fireworks HTML.

and that will put it all in for you.

dunno if frontpage can do that for you.


  Taran 18:06 05 Feb 2004

Fireworks offers to install itself into FrontPage up to FrontPage version 2002 as a toolbar icon. I don't have it installed on an system with FrontPage 2003 so I can't verify whether or not it links into the latest version.

Once you've created your graphics and added hotspots and links you can simply export the whole lot into Dreamweaver or export it as Dreamweaver html and Fireworks creates the html files and image folder for you. Search in the Fireworks help files for the words hotspot and export for full walk through tutorials.

Fireworks exported files do work in a FrontPage web. Import the files/folders into the FrontPage root folder and all should work as intended.

I suggest you look at this page on the Macromedia site and treat the articles thereon as your starting point. They should keep you on the right tracks.

  Taran 18:07 05 Feb 2004

The link to the page might have helped...

click here


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