Help needed with wireless router for ADSL

  Blondz 23:15 28 Feb 2006

I have purchased a D-Link wireless router but cannot connect to my modem as my modem is USB and the router is Ethernet.

I have found a female USB converted but the seller commented that I will need something else to give power to the modem.

Modem connects to PC via USB. Router uses Ethernet connections. Even if I buy this connector (modem power issues aside) I do not have an ethernet slot on my PC. Does this mean that I need to buy a network card as well?

This hard all turned out much more complicated than I thought.

Any help much appreciated.

  Forum Editor 23:48 28 Feb 2006

you'll still need to have an ethernet card installed in your computer. All routers have to be configured with your username/password initially, and thyey all come with an ethernet cable specifically for the purpose.

Once you've set the router up for the first time you can disconnect the ethernet cable if you wish, and use a wireless network card. Many people leave the PC connected via the cable and use a laptop or another PC in a separate room - which involves a wireless network adapter.

My advice is that you return the D-Link router and buy one that has an ADSL modem built in - it will not cost much more, and you can dispense with the separate modem altogether. Setup is still via an ethernet cable however.

  Tim1964 23:53 28 Feb 2006

I take it your modem connects via USB to the PC and the only other connection from the modem is for the phoneline?

If so you will need a Ethernet modem to connect between the router and the phone line.

Yes you will need a ethernet card for the PC, although some modems have USB and ethernet connections that can be used at the same time.

You may find it much simpler and not much dearer to 'invest' in a combined wireless modem/router.

  Tim1964 23:55 28 Feb 2006


I wasn't copying you, it's just that you can type faster than I can. lol

  Blondz 23:50 01 Mar 2006

I have found a way to resolve this with a bit of help from the techie guys at work.

I have bought a network card for my PC and am leaving the modem attached as normal. I am then attaching the wireless router to the PC via the network card connection.

This link here was helpful and I hope it can help others in the same situation.
click here

  Forum Editor 00:28 02 Mar 2006

The downside to that method is that the PC must be running before another machine can use the internet, and that seems to defeat the the whole purpose of buying a router in the first place.

If you exchanged your router for a model that has a built-in modem you could use a remote computer on the internet without any other machine having to be turned on.

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