Help needed on Windows 98 SE start up

  Chloe01 13:53 11 Feb 2003

When starting up I get a Dialogue box -- Error starting programme -- The ESSERVEQ.EXE file linked to missing export ESTIER2.DLL:[email protected]

I Did run system file checker and got an error on setupx.dll that it maybe corrupted but cannot find this file on the windows 98 CD or recovery disk so have not replaced it. Not sure either if this is linked to the above or not.

This only started about 4 weeks ago and once I clear the Diologue box with the error the PC seems to run OK but it's annoying as to what the problem is.

  Lozzy 13:55 11 Feb 2003

Try booting with a Win 98 Start-up disk

  soultaker 14:01 11 Feb 2003

i once had a similar problem, it was after i disconected from the internet i recieved an error then during bootup, the only solution i could find after months of searching was to format the drive and re-install windows 98se, be warned though, make sure you have all the software to re-install your components, typically soundcard, graphic card, modem, and any extra drives such as a cd writer, if you dont leae well alone because that will make matters worse for you

  Tog 15:41 11 Feb 2003

Have a look at click here and search for Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 265093 . this will tell you were to find the file

I assume from the article that it is part of IE5.5. If you continue to have problems, why not try IE6 SP1.

  Tog 15:44 11 Feb 2003

IE6 has a repair option in add/remove programmes when you select uninstall. If IE5.5 does the same you might want to give that a go first.

  woodchip 15:47 11 Feb 2003

Sounds like you have removed some software and it's not done a complete job of it.

  woodchip 15:48 11 Feb 2003

PS have you got onboard SIS sound or graphics ie ESS

  woodchip 17:51 12 Feb 2003

In answer to your E-Mail please reload drivers for sound and graphic's card

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