Help needed - what router do I need

  markd12345 11:26 04 Oct 2011


I have Sky Broadband in the house but the router is rubbish. I have a lptop, 2 ipads and will shortly be running apple TV (ncluding possibly streaming films, but definitely downloading films onto ipads)

I need a reliable, cost effective wireless router for the house

Advice please

thanks Mark

  Jollyjohn 12:14 04 Oct 2011

In what way is the router rubbish? Is it supplied by Sky - if so hassle them for a better router - threatening to leave usually gets a response in these competitive times.

Else you can spend £80 upwards on a router - I suspect you need a CABLE router as opposed to ADSL(phone line). Netgear, D-Link and Linksys all do a range of routers Belkin, Draytex and Zygel are good as well though slightly more expensive but with better support.

  Woolwell 12:46 04 Oct 2011

Sky is not cable.

Without knowing why you consider your router to be rubbish it is difficult to recommend any replacement. It may not be the router. It could be the layout of your house, the house construction, the download speed or other things which affect the quality. If you have several devices connected at the same time then they are sharing the bandwidth and this can also affect the quality.

  markd12345 13:01 04 Oct 2011

Hi, thanks for the quick replies....

I say "rubbish" as I have no technological know-how!! Seriously, I keep losing connection. The router is set up away from wireless phones etc (as per instructions) and depending on what room Im in depends on what connectivity I get. I can be in the room next door with zero connectivity, or in the bathroom updtairs with full serice Sky have been useless, sending me a replacement router but not offering an upgrade at all.

Will puttting the router upstairs amke any difference - does the "cloud" cascsde down through the house?

I curently just have a laptop, but Im about to get 2 new ipads that will also use it, as well as apple TV for wich i will be downloading films/TV programmes.

Despite living in a rural area, I have a reasonable braodband service.

hope this helps Mark

  gengiscant 13:04 04 Oct 2011

I/m sure that Sky use the Netgear V1 DG834GT. I use the DG834G V4 and it is one of the best routers I have used, simplicity to set up, very reliable, in fact I have another one as backup just in case,never had to use it once in the 3 years I have had it.

Have you checked your settings.Sky. As *Woolwell * has stated unless you give us a clue as to why you consider the router to be rubbish then it is difficult to help.

More help here: Sky 2

  Jollyjohn 13:16 04 Oct 2011

OK I stand corrected on the cable issue.

I agree with gengiscant about the Netgear router - very good.

If you keep dropping connection is that laptop to router OR is the router dropping connection to the internet?

Find a line / speed test that you can run and monitor your line speed for a few days. You will probably need to connect the laptop wired while you run the test. If this is OK then we can start looking at issues inside the house.

  robin_x 13:34 04 Oct 2011

fyi: Similarish problems with Netgear and mention of Sky router here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:36 04 Oct 2011

Q1 are you losing connection to the server when connected by cable?

Q2 Are you only losing connections when connected wirelessly (is this a real word?)

Q3 Have sky advised changing wireless channels to avoid interference form neighbours signals or other wireless devices in the house?

  Secret-Squirrel 13:37 04 Oct 2011

"I have Sky Broadband in the house but the router is rubbish.............I need a reliable, cost effective wireless router"

Ah, because you're with Sky you're going to have to overcome a couple of obstacles:

1) If you buy a new router you'll need to enter your Sky username and password. As a Sky user, that's going to be a problem because it's difficult to get that information. There are articles on the web that'll explain how to hack into your existing router to get the details you require but it's pretty advanced stuff.

2) The Sky broadband terms and conditions state that you must only use the equipment they provided you with. AFAIK, Sky can and do check periodically that you're using a Sky-issued router.

As mentioned previously, get in touch with Sky and see if they can resolve your connection problems. You could also try your suggestion of moving the router somewhere different or perhaps you could think about getting a wireless extender to reach black spots in your house.

  Woolwell 13:47 04 Oct 2011

Is the connection always poor in the room next door and usually good in the bathroom? If so this may be due to the construction of the house and whatever is in the walls dividing the rooms. You may need to consider a wireless extender or home plug system.

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