help needed with website

  jolorna 16:30 12 Jun 2004

could you please take a look at this site and give me some guidance click here it was setup by another club member and because im not working now past over to me to look after it it might look a bit messy now but i was told today that the more pictures link in the pictures will not open up in aol but the first page will be seen also how can i get the site found by search engines

  Forum Editor 18:28 12 Jun 2004

that your site certainly fulfilled the first of my criteria for a good held my attention for more than 30 seconds. In fact it had me hooked, and I spent an enjoyable few minutes browsing - the history of the club's foundation and development is fascinating.

All the ingredients are there - what's needed now is a certain amount of tidying up, and in NetObjects Fusion you have an excellent application with which to do it. I recommend that you consider investing in a later version - the one that was used to develop the site has been superseded by later and better releases.

I always think that images are best displayed in a table - it's far easier to achieve an ordered appearance that way - and you should consider using thumbnails that are hyperlinked to larger versions, allowing your visitors to choose which images they want to see.

Use a table to contain your links to other sites as well - again you'll achieve a more ordered and professional look.

The table that contains cruise dates is a little ugly - why not reformat it using lower case text and lose the cell borders; you'll be amazed at how much the appearance is improved, just by doing that.

In general terms you should aim for a totally cohesive look for all your pages. Use the same font and point size for body text, and vary it for headers only. Try using Verdana for everything, including the 'about us' text. Finally, remember that people surfing the net tend to think that anything underlined is a hyperlink - I would remove the underlining from the second line of your header graphic.

There are always a dozen little tweaks you can make to a site's design, but you don't need to do too much work here - you already have an interesting and entertaining web site.

  jolorna 18:49 12 Jun 2004

thanks for your input the cruise list was sent to me by email to insert thats how it was sent i have added some dates to it myself as they become avaiable so yes in future i will just print it out and re type it then paste it in the picture section i put that in myself yes each page is a different size thats my fault for doing each one at a time i need to set the pictures to a standard size then that will work out but the first intention was to try and encourage people to send pics in, this site sat with very little content untill i took over but because of my health i cant read a book to learn i have to work by trial and error how do i create tables? also i need to try and make the site to be found by search engines at the moment im just having to add it to google every so often all help would be appreciated

  PurplePenny 23:19 12 Jun 2004

Add it to DMOZ - the Open Directory Project:

click here

It is edited by humans so it takes a while for your site to appear on it but once on there the data will get used by other directories and search engines.

Would following an online tutorial be OK for you healthwise? I don't know about table creation in NOF but here is the W3Schools tutorial on tables so that you understand what it is you will be creating:

click here


  PurplePenny 23:32 12 Jun 2004

PC Advisor May 2004 issue 106 had a free copy of NetObjects Fusion MX (not the latest version but more recent than the one your site was created in). Take a look here:

click here

then click on a Back issues link on the left.

For details of the most recent version of NOF see their website:

click here


  kev.Ifty 00:30 13 Jun 2004

Hello Friend i hope some of these links may be of use to you
for publishing a site try....
click here

click here

click here

click here

click here
for a little help with an element of fun try
click here
Cheers Kev

  jolorna 09:14 13 Jun 2004

purplepenny & kev.ifty thanks for your replies i have to go out this morning so i will have a look through when i get back later today

  jolorna 19:19 13 Jun 2004

thanks for the link to the online tutorial its very interesting because you can play with it and see the effects will help a lot will take awhile to get through it but its learning practice

  nightcrawler60 23:37 28 Jun 2004

I am using AOL version 9.0 and the link works fine, damn fine pictures too!

  Icemanrik 10:49 06 Jul 2004

hello there!
I was just browsing your site and really like the idea behind your club, however, I will have to agree with the forum editor once the tables and images are cleaned up it will look alot better!
Just another thing you might want to look at is the type size, it's huge. To be legible you don't need to have it so big, try 12 pt text, 14pt at the most. I to be honest found yours harder to read, also the yellow type on green background is a "?"
I hope this gives you something else to think about i dont know about net fusions but set up a css page, (cascading style sheet)for the body text, that will sort the text out site wide.

Good luck!


  jolorna 18:20 27 Jul 2004

forum editor, purplepenny,kev.Ifty,nightcrawler60,& icemanrik, thanks for all your comments i have tried to follow them so after a long time here goes with a new version of the site awaiting the flack

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