Help needed with three windows XP's on my disc ple

  zemdarin 23:23 25 May 2006

After downloading and reading how to reformat my hard drive, with pictures and good easy to follow instructions, I changed my bios to start with the cdrom drive and put my Product recovery CD-ROM into the drive and expected to follow the instructions I had.

I pressed any key as instructed. To my amazement it started to load windows without even asking if I wanted to reformat and partition. When it had finished it started all over again with asking me to press any key to start which, thinking this must be part of it I did. I now find I have two more versions of XP on my hard drive, with the original one still there.

I have not had any problems for 4 years keeping my computer clean with defragging, using a reg cleaner and emptying my cache, cookies and unwanted programs through control panel. Unfortunately it was taking forever to load and close down so that is why I decided to reformat.

Now all I need to know is how do I get rid of it all and restart with just one version and how do I re-register my legal copy of XP again please.

  woodchip 23:32 25 May 2006

Download Floppy boot disc's from Hear you need six floppy discs. click here After you download the Files put a floppy disc in computer and double click the file you downloaded. It will create floppy disc's you can use to format your drive. But it look's like it's also partitioned the drive so it can load it's self So what you need to do is remove Partitions this will remove all XP then just restart with XP CD. This is no good if it is a RESTORE disc and not a XP CD. As if you remove partitions that the RESTORE disc depends on, you will not be able to reload XP without going out and buying new XP CD

  zemdarin 23:43 25 May 2006

Hi woodchip the disc I have is called Product Recovery CD-ROM from Evesham Technology. Windows Home Edition service pack 2. Is that the right one? It is the only one I had issued with the computer. When I look at my disc management it only seems to have one partition on it and no mention of the other two copies of XP. When I boot up though, I have to select the third XP and press enter. Mind you the other two with nothing much on are lightning fast, but they need to be activated within 30 days and it isn't possible is it?

  woodchip 23:47 25 May 2006

When you get into Windows First version, can you see the other 2 XP's on the same partition as I am not familiar with how XP as done this

  woodchip 23:48 25 May 2006

PS also when you loaded the XP disc did it load any other software? other than XP

  zemdarin 10:20 26 May 2006

Hi Woodchip I have printscreened my management of drives but there isn't a way to upload it on this site is there? There is not one mention of three XP programs on my discs at all, only when I boot up, I have to select one of them.

They all report that they are healthy. It is fantastic that I can do things quickly on the other two, then come back to my original. It has loaded all the drivers on both the new ones, except the ones I need to put on, if I wanted to.

I have the main one which is 40GB and another drive partitioned as 100GB and 20GB, but they are not on those either. If I could only register them I would be quite happy with the situation. I have all the necessary folders like My Pictures and My Documents and no exrtra disc space used. Everything else I saved on my E:\ drive.

I don't know how it happened but it has, and I am wondering if I should use the floppy disc you gave me the URL link to, and start again. The only thing I am worried about is can I use my same registration to re-register my legal copy of Windows XP

  johnnyrocker 10:33 26 May 2006

i would have thought so, might be best to give microsoft a ring, i have found them very helpful when i have been in trouble.


  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:20 26 May 2006

To insert pictures in forums etc
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  zemdarin 11:38 26 May 2006

Hi Thanks for the link for picture uploader but normally in other forums I just select the upload images icon and do it from my computer. I can't see how that would help. I have never seen a picture in these forums.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:59 26 May 2006

You have now
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  woodchip 14:00 26 May 2006

You do not have to register with this one.

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