help needed from a skype user, or just help.

  Ikelos 08:46 15 Mar 2006

hi, got a skype phone yesterday so i could chat to my son who has no landline, he lives about 25 miles away and running win98, i have XP. right, so far so yesterday i set mine up, he done his last week, I checked the echo123 thingy and all seemed ok, last night we gave it a try, it was terrible, nothing but echo, in fact if i said about a dozen words, there would be a delay then i would hear what i had said all over again, so he was answering the echo. he is with NTL my connection is with BT on a wireless laptop. all still with me ? :-) i do not know if it is my end or his, so in a nutshell, could some kind soul let me ring them or they ring me, at least then i could tell if it is me, I do not know anyone else with a skype phone. or has anyone any idea what i can do to improve things.


  john-231489 09:07 15 Mar 2006

If you go into the Skype Forum via the help menu there are a lot of posts on this subject one of which may well answer your question.

  Ikelos 09:08 15 Mar 2006

thanks, i will look now.....

  john-231489 09:12 15 Mar 2006

As I say you should get an answer but if you want me to give you a test call please send me an email via my link with you number and I will give it a try

  keef66 09:19 15 Mar 2006

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Skype say the system reqs are Win 2000 or XP? Didn't think it worked on 98.

We just installed Skype at home and use it with microphone / speakers to ring sister in law's landline in NZ. Pretty good call quality and only a penny a minute.

Can I e-mail you tonight via the yellow envelope thingy? (at work at the moment)and we can give it a go. Then I will have my first experience of calling another Skype user.

What do I have to enter? presumably not a phone number. Do we have to swap Skype details first?


  Ikelos 09:27 15 Mar 2006

hi, i was under the imperssion it was for winXP, but my son has a skype phone that works with 98, I can hear him ok. you need a user name, mine is


so i think you just put that in the contacts box and add it to the list, then when you want to ring click on the name on your list and the phone should ring...

yes, we can give it a go..nice one, be prepared for a late night :-))) spent ages last night wondering what was wrong...

  Ikelos 09:36 15 Mar 2006

hi, details sent....thanks

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