Help needed setting up E-mail accounts

  [email protected] 08:50 01 Sep 2005

I have a e-mail address and an address which I had when I previously used both services as ISPs (dial-up). I now have Pipex BroadBand and an e-mail address with them. I would like to use both previous addresses as well as my new one in OE6 using my Pipex BBand but am having difficulty configuring it to send out e-mails using the tesco/evemail addresses. I can only reply by using the drop down box to change the sending address to my Pipex one. Can anybody tell me where I am going wrong please?Do I need to set them up as connctions first and if I do can they connect using the BBand account? (if you see what I mean?) I have added them as mail accounts in OE6.I can receive from all addresses happily but only send using the Pipex one.

  dave_and_confused 09:02 01 Sep 2005

If you are no longer paying Tesco and Evenet then they have probably terminate the accounts.

Also most ISP (should) stop people sending e-mails from their servers from other ISPs - an Spam measure.

  [email protected] 09:28 01 Sep 2005

You didn't have to pay them and I can still receive e-mails freely (and have always been able to send until I changed to BBand).

  VoG II 09:40 01 Sep 2005

You need to configure them to send using the Pipex smtp setting.

  Hamish 09:43 01 Sep 2005

You will not be able to send using outlook express or outlook but you maybe able to do so using Web Mail if Tesco allows. Tiscali allows me to send by web mail although I am with BT Broadband.

  [email protected] 09:49 01 Sep 2005

VoG could you be slightly more detailed? (i.e where the outgoing is do i change it to dsl.pipex?) will this read as if from tesco?
Hamish I am certain that it can bedone as it always was before- I think VoG is correct here- I'll have a play around and let you know!

  Forum Editor 09:49 01 Sep 2005

and use another ISP's smtp server for your outbound mail.

You don't need to do this anyway - just configure your other (non-Pipex) email accounts so that they use the Pipex smtp server, as VoG™ says.

  Granger 09:50 01 Sep 2005

This is a common problem. I use 3 email addresses but only 1 ISP. Most of my emails I send in Outlook using the account provided by my ISP. If I really want to send using one of the others I use their webmail services. You should still receive emails from all accounts, you just can't send them all.

  Forum Editor 09:54 01 Sep 2005

I believe the Pipex broadband smtp server address is:-

  [email protected] 09:57 01 Sep 2005

Thanks VoG and FE it is done now- I knew that I had it all working before but couldn't remember what it was that made it work!
I changed the outgoing mail for both tesco and evemail to smtp.pipex etc and it is now working a treat!It makes it easier to reply when the response has the same address (too may contacts to change to one and I use the incomind address as part of a "filinmg" process!)
many thanks!

  [email protected] 09:58 01 Sep 2005

Thaks FE I pasted it (correctly not as I wrote above!) out of the properties in my Pipex mail account in OE !

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