Help needed with setting up

  Mike@#36 12:18 23 Sep 2006

I have just set up my desktop using ethernet cable to a wireless modem router.

I have managed to get my kids laptops connected to the internet via the wireless router using their wireless facilities etc.

However I want them to be able to use my printer, and share some files on my PC. I thought it would be simple but I am now bambooxled with VPNs and wireless networks etc. Suffice to say I don't know what to do.

Can anyone give me a check list?

  terryf 12:29 23 Sep 2006

Have you tried pressing F1 on an empty part of the desktop and ask 'sharing printers on a network' or google 'setting up a wireless network'

  Mike@#36 13:50 23 Sep 2006

Yes and that's where the problems start. I have gobne through the network wizard thing but when I take the disc to the other computer it just goes through the same process, then there is nothing to show how to access the other PC?

  spargo 14:36 23 Sep 2006

Have a read of this. click here

  ade.h 16:33 23 Sep 2006

I don't know why you're talking of VPNs. That is far removed from where you are at.

Firstly, there is really very little to be gained by running the NSW; all that it does is enable the services and protocols for file and printer sharing - but they are enabled already! - and set the workgroup name. The latter of which can easily be done by you on the Coumputer Name tab of My Computer's system properties.

1) Create a share. Pick a suitable folder that is not subject to privacy that has been enabled for a parent folder - so, no point trying to share your docs if your user account is private.

This what Shared Docs is all about; it is actually the docs folder for C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.

2) Sort your firewalls. This will depend on whether your firewalls require total user input in creating rules manually, user input by choice in response to a pop-up, or whether they just go ahead and do it for you, second-guessing what your needs might be.

3) Browse for that share. Go to the other client - if you can have all clients within reach or staffed by family members, this will help enormously with step 2 - and enter My Network Places, known from now on as MNP because I'm a lazy typist.

There may be a share shortcut there already, depending on your Windows version, how it is configured and which way the wind is blowing. If there isn't, click Browse. Take yourself through the plus signs until you get to the other client (the one with the share). Access it.

You might have been asked for a password and username by now - that is the password and username of the admin account on the other client. If you get this, it is a bit of a pain because it will have to be entered via the browse method each time you want to access that share from this direction.

This is what you might call expected behaviour, but I haven't found a fix for it yet. My approach in these circumstances is: be flexible about which direction you use for access; do you leave the files on this client and fetch them from the other client, or do you send the to the other client right now? If you have only one way access, send the files that way and use that share for all shared files. It's no hassle to do that; you just have to think about where the files need to be for everyone to access them.

4) Printers. Piece of cake this one. Open the printers folder on the printer host (it's also a client of the network, so don't let that throw you). Right-click it and share it.

Get to the other client and open its printers folder. Empty now, but that will change in a minute with a bit of luck. Click on Add a Printer, go through the wizard, choosing the options as you go. Remember to keep an eye on those firewalls just in case they decide to block this behaviour or you haven't set them up right (or they haven't set themselves up right).

Don't be tempted to turn firewalls off during network setup. I don't say this from any security standpoint - far from it. It is because a lot fo firewalls don't fully disengage all their processes and even those that do will not like being turned back on into a significantly changed environment. They are quite likely to just continue blcoking all your hard work until you tell 'em otherwise.

  ade.h 16:34 23 Sep 2006

My, that's a long post. And breathe.....

  ade.h 16:36 23 Sep 2006

Oh, by the way. Just occasionally, you might need to install the printer criver locally on the other clients. It is supposed to copy the driver from the printer host during setup, but sometimes these things don't do quite what you wan them to. Often down to firewalls and/or badly configured Windows security policies, I think; that sort of thing.

  Mike@#36 08:34 24 Sep 2006

Gadzooks ade.h

Your bit about firewalls was the bit I needed.
I'm using Norton and it needed setting up to 'trust' my ethernet connection. Once that was done everything started to work fine.

Big thanks ade

  ade.h 15:31 24 Sep 2006

No problem!

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