Help needed on selection please

  haricot 10:07 29 Aug 2007

Although not absolutely new , I regret to say but as a geriatric my "cotton-on ability" to matters computers is not good, so I thought I would try this Forum to see if I get any better luck.

In short, I am looking to buy a new Desktop.
I nearly settled for Dell over one from PC Specialist but have read some awful reports from other Forum Members about "Dell's Hell" or After Care Service , or in their case , the lack of it..

The question is therefore, How would I fare if I decided to go for an HP Pavilion A6140.

Is it any good. Is it reliable and after the Warranty runs out , is their AFTER Sales Service any good? All help would be really appreciated.

  Clapton is God 11:41 29 Aug 2007

Why are you basing your choice on reports of, alleged, bad customer service?

I've used Dell PCs and laptops for more than a dozen years and, in all that time, found them to be sturdy, reliable, well-built machines.

I've never had occasion to use their Customer Service team.

On the two occasions that I needed to claim on their accidental damage warranty (think student + laptop = bad mix!) a quick 'phone call to Dell and an engineer was with me (at a location specified by me) within 24 hours.

  Karakorum 12:15 29 Aug 2007

Why do you think he's using reports of bad customer service to help him make his choice? He's very sensible to do so!

Dell HAVE had a poor reputation for this from what I've read, though I understand they're getting better now after changing their top execs. They were losing market share through bad service and poor quality components ad I understand it.

Of COURSE you should do what research you can to assist you in coming to a decision. You'd have to be a bit nuts not to I reckon.

  haricot 12:50 29 Aug 2007

Thanks chaps for that. Points well taken on board and thought given.

I would still like to hear about the HP one if anyone can oblige.

Much obliged.

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