Help Needed SD card Error, Card/Write Error!!!

  julius44 21:35 11 Sep 2009

Hello there, I need urgent help please!!! I have my friends 1Gb SD Ikasu memory card. my friend has used this memory card before to take pictures in Jamaica, which I uploaded before onto picasa with no problems. She came back from Barbados about 2 weeks ago, and she had used this memory card to take loadz of pics as this waz her first time of going to Barbados with a friend and her daughter....when she got back she said the memory card was fine for 2 days...and then an error message has come up card error/write error. Ive tried everything to but to no avail, and she'll be gutted if she cant get back the pics.......any suggestions please???

  Technotiger 22:39 11 Sep 2009

This direct download (totally free) offers IMHO the best possible chance of recovering the pics ...

click here

the recovered pics are normally to be found in the programs own folder, but I prefer to make a New Folder on the Desktop, and then direct the program to save the pics in that folder via the Browse option.

  julius44 05:33 12 Sep 2009

hello Technotiger, the link does not seem to work at all, pls resend or kindly tell me what to search for in google, many preferable please

  julius44 07:12 12 Sep 2009

Also the card error and write error message only shows on the camera screen when the mem card is inserted into the camera, when i insert the memory card into my pc's card reader nothing happens, so it seems the memory card is not recognized via the pc

  Technotiger 07:49 12 Sep 2009

Hmm, the link works for me , however here it is again click here
save it to your Desktop.

As far as the card not being recognised is concerned, can she Format the card in the Camera? If she can then you could try again with the PC Card reader. This program can recover pics even from a Formatted card.

Once you have this little program on your hard drive, you can keep it for future use anyway.

  Technotiger 07:57 12 Sep 2009

Strange, I just tried my second link and it abborted, but I did notice that there was no option to choose Save ???

So I opened a fresh Tab (using Firefox) and typed the URL directly into the address line at the top - this time I was given the option to Save the download, which I did (saved to my Desktop) - I then clicked on the resulting Zipped Folder and was then able to click on Setup in the normal way. So it does work ok.

If my second link does not work for you, try again as above.

  Technotiger 07:59 12 Sep 2009

This is the URL -

http:// www. rcc-ltd CampicRestor. zip

I have spaced it out so it does appear as a 'click here' ... of course there should be no spaces at all.

  Technotiger 08:25 12 Sep 2009

I am now entering this link again, but using Internet Explorer (as opposed to Firefox). This is just an experiment, so you can ignore this Post. I just want to see if a direct link will work in IE, where it didn't in FF ...

click here

  Technotiger 08:34 12 Sep 2009

Nope - didn't work in IE, not even when typing the URL in a New Tab!

But the New Tab way, does work in Firefox.

woodchip .... Hi, if you are reading this - any comments??

So, I am going back to my usual Firefox now (typing this in IE).

  Technotiger 08:39 12 Sep 2009

Hmmm, continuing the experiment, I clicked on the link in my Internet Explorer 0825 Post above, and it worked directly here in Firefox, without needing to be typed into a New Tab!

I guess I will never understand Computers :-))

  julius44 18:58 12 Sep 2009

hello techotiger, sorry for long delay, as i just came back from work, ive copied and pasted the url into firefox, but still no joy, any suggestions pls??

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