Help needed with screen quality/display.

  bear73 09:54 21 Jun 2004

I was wondering whether anyone could shed any light on the following problem. I have noticed that when I view stored photos on my pc they tend to look much worse quality than when I look at them on other peoples pc's.

For example, I recently loaded all my photos onto and when I viewed my albums on my pc I thought the quality of some of the photos were quite bad. However, when I was at my in-laws house showing them how to view the albums the photos all looked lovely quality on their pc. Also, at the weekend I used my sisters pc to check something I had put on Ebay and the photo I had posted looked much better on her pc, on mine it was very blurred.

Why do all the these photo's look better quality on other peoples pc's when we are viewing the same images? I was telling my sister that when I take photos to post on Ebay they always look bad quality and she showed me some she had put on there herself and they were crystal clear.

Is it something to do with the way my screen display is set up? Hubby said it could be something to do with how powerful the pc is and how much power it gives to certain applications (not sure about this).

Any help would be appreciated as I can't understand why everything looks better on other peoples pc's when we are looking at the same things!

If it helps my pc is a Time pc bought about 4 years ago. It has just had a brand new motherboard fitted and loads of new RAM.

System properties: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2200+ 1.80GHz 608MB of RAM.



  Lozzy 10:06 21 Jun 2004


1. What make is your video card?

2. What version and date is the driver for that card?

3. What is the current setting for your Display?

4. What OS are you using?

5. How much Ram and what type is? i.e PC100 PC 133 PC2700 etc

Try updating your video driver..

  bear73 10:12 21 Jun 2004

Thanks for replying so quickly. I may need help answering some of your questions.

1. What make is your video card?

2. What version and date is the driver for that card?

I have no idea. How do I find that out? Is there somewhere I can look on the pc to find out the answers to these 2 questions?

3. What is the current setting for your Display?

Screen Resolution is 800 x 600 pixels
Colour Quality: Highest (32 bit)

4. What OS are you using?
Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002

5. How much Ram and what type is? i.e PC100 PC 133 PC2700 etc

How do I find more info on the RAM? I know it is fitted with 608MB but not sure what type it is?


  961 10:14 21 Jun 2004

Your computer spec. is more than powerful enough.

The problem may well be related to the monitor or the video card and if the motherboard has just been replaced, I wonder if the video card is new and perhaps does not have the correct drivers installed.

One idea is to see if you can borrow a monitor to try instead of your own

Also, check the settings for display by going to Start/control panel/display/settings/advanced/monitor...set to 80 hertz or higher. Then video card/adapter and check that the card is working properly and that drivers are installed. If not, download up to date ones or use video card cd to install original ones

  Lozzy 10:17 21 Jun 2004

To ascertain the answers download Belarc its free and it will tell you. Have you tried updating the video driver??

click here

  Simsy 10:18 21 Jun 2004

There can be a difference dpending on what softwarer you are viewing the pictures with...

There is a noticable difference on my PC when looking at pictures using, for example, Irfanview and ACDSee. In this case it cant possibly be hardware related.



  bear73 10:20 21 Jun 2004

Can you tell me exactly how I check my video card/adapter? Also, I don't have any cd's with original drivers (didn't even know I had such a thing as a video card!!).

PC was put together by Time and so it came with everything all installed. How do I find out about my video card and whether it needs new drivers etc?

Thanks for your help. Not sure how I will borrow a monitor but I will try.


  bear73 10:34 21 Jun 2004

Thanks have just used Belarc.

Under Multimedia it says Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM). Is this the video driver? That's all it says under Multimedia.

How do I check if the driver needs updating and where do I go to update it?

I don't think it is software related as simple things as just going into Ebay and looking at things in there is much better quality on other pc's than my own.

Thanks again for helping.

  Lozzy 10:43 21 Jun 2004

In Belarc look under Display

  bear73 10:51 21 Jun 2004

It says none detected. Have I found my answer here!!!

  Lozzy 11:00 21 Jun 2004

Could be..

Have a look in control panel>>System then Device Manager or Hardware then click the + sign beside display report back what it says.

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