help needed with refresh rate/HDTV

  gunf 12:52 01 Oct 2009


I have a Compaq Presario CQ60-430SA laptop and I've run into a few issues regarding HDTV compatibility which I'm hoping someene can kindly help me out with.

First of all, I've got a HDMi cable and whenever I try to play a movie through to my HDTV, the movie plays fine except the refresh rate seems to not be correctly synced. Its not a massive problem but can be quite annoying and is noticeable. My NVIDIA graphics cards settings are on 60hz according to my laptop and don't appear to have anything else. Is there anything I can do about this because I'm stumped. Granted I'm no IT genius but I really would like this sorted.

Secondly, I've downloaded a couple of 720p quality blu ray files and whilst they do play, its quite skippy and the visuals don't keep up with the sound and is impossible to watch. Surely for the spec of the laptop it should handle playing such a file (My spec is below) my first thoughts were that I didn't have the correct codec, and after downloading a few (all codec lite, CCCP etc) I didn't seem to have much joy, it did improve it but didn't sort it entirely.

One of the reasons I bought this laptop was to be able to play movies through my HDTV and skip the process of buying a blu ray player. That hasn't really panned out and my limited knowledge and expertise has done all it can to try and figure the problem.

I may have missed something really easy so I will no doubt feel like an idiot for asking but I don't care, I just want to get my gear setup to work properly!

Any advice would be welcomed and seriously appreciated!!!



AMD Turion processor RM72
(2.1Ghz, 1MB Cache)
Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
4GB Memory
250GB Hard drive
Up to 2 hours battery life
Nvidia GeForce 1GB graphics
HDMI connectivity

  OTT_Buzzard 14:03 01 Oct 2009

What do you mean by "refresh rate seems to not be correctly synced."?

Synced with what?

As far as your blu-ray films are concerned, if they're downloaded then there is no guarnatee that they'll play properly. Blu-ray discs are notoriously difficult to rip. Unless they are playing properly on another PC / TV then accept that they're bad (probably illegal!) copies.

  gunf 14:12 01 Oct 2009

as in synced to the TV.

My knowledge is amateur at best so just bear in mind that I am just trying to play the files through the HDTV without any problems.

That's a good point about blu ray files being difficult to rip and that's something to consider.

However, I do have a downscaled .avi file which still suffers from the 'flicker' when I play it through my TV even though the audio/visuals on the laptop are fine.

I suspect being able to adjust the visual settings of the laptop from 60hz might fix the problem to match up to what the TV is but the laptop doesn't seem to want to go higher or lower than 60hz

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