Help needed RE: Trading in my "New" computer

  AnthonyB 19:04 18 Jan 2004

Hello, wasn't sure what to put on the subject line:)

Anyway, I have a Hewlett packard Pavilion, it's a Pentium 4 2.66m 60 gig hd 512 mb RAM 5400 HD and so forth. However, it was my intention at the time just to get this pc for "Normal use, and was from PC world (just the base unit) and cost me £770.00)

It is very limited as far as upgradability is concerned, as it is a Micro system (case/mobo etc, and with just a 200 Watt PSU). I would like to know if anyone knows of good popular places that do "trade-ins" IE: TIME Computers, Simply, EVESHAM, MESH, Carrera, and 100's more!. I want a 3.2/Radeon 9800 XT, 200 GIG, - well, an all singing job to be honest.

Thanks for your help in advance.


  AnthonyB 19:09 18 Jan 2004

I'll follow that up with saying it's not that the computer I have lacks as such, but I want one that I will be able to upgrade over the coming years (big case/800 FSB CPU etc etc), and for this base unit, I don't think i'get more that a couple of a hundred qwid - would I?



  broggs 19:10 18 Jan 2004

Why did you buy it in the first place?

  broggs 19:12 18 Jan 2004

for that price you could have built yourself an all singin' all dancin' machine.

  AnthonyB 19:15 18 Jan 2004

Hello broggs,

I brought it for "family" use kind of, but want to get my own system now, and tailor it to my own need so to speak. It's a good fast computer, but being into gaming, I would require a Radeon 9800 for my needs, and with most of the components inside that seem to be welded to the case, swapping over isn't that easy really.



  broggs 19:20 18 Jan 2004

If I was you I would just start from scratch and build one yourself.....maybe sell your p.c. in the local paper.

  AnthonyB 19:21 18 Jan 2004

yes, but I think I would get more as a trade in hence the thread title!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:35 18 Jan 2004

There is no manufacturer that I know that accepts trade-ins. 2nd hand computers are not worth much and if you flogged it in the local rag you would be looking at £250-£300.


  AnthonyB 19:38 18 Jan 2004

Ok Gandalf.

I thought Evesham did trade-ins at one time, but perhaps only for there own brands?



  josie mayhem 20:03 18 Jan 2004

I would if I was you, sale it through a local paper, as you will get a beter return for your money this way.

Before deciding on a price, phone around local computer shops, and see how much they are selling for, this will give you a guide line concerning price. But remember that shops that deal with second base units will give a 3 month warrenty if they are worth there salt.

You could also discuss, a trade in with them, there are more likely going to give you a better deal than a larger establishment.

But I would be tempted personaly myself, build a replacement machine for totaly my own use, and let the family use the older one!

In my experience I found that when kids are let loose anywhere near my main computer, I spend hours working out what the hell, they done to it. Even though at times they swear blind that they never touched anything, except the game they were playing on, oh and cause the on/off switch.

I think my parrot, dave must be one hell of a computer guru, has he normaly gets the blame.

  joe95 13:37 19 Jan 2004

I had a HP 5year old that to would have cost an arm and a leg to update after loads of advice from posts here went down to local shop they built one for £500 cdrw,dvd,80gb driveAMD XP2600, XPHOME ,17"MONITOR etc. etc. give your old one to the kids local shops are usually very helpful.All the people here will advise you to go to local shop or build your own.Don't forget they don't put pockets in shrouds.
Good Luck.

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