Help needed, possible virus???

  kelemvor 11:35 20 Dec 2004


Firstly, I like surfing the net alot, so this may be due to a virus, but any suggestions would be welcome.

I started my pc up yesterday (Xp pro) and it was very slow, also, I couldn't get any apps to load up and the pc froze.

I rebooted and now I get stuck in a loop when trying to startup. I get to a point where I'm asked if I want to start in safe mode etc, but no matter what option I select, it just goes back to try to reboot and then I end up with the e.g. safe mode selection screen.

The only diff with the option is that selecting one of them - probably safe mode itself (can't remember off hand) starts listing .sys files e.g. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)something else(1)/windows/sys32/???.sys

and then that hangs for a bit and once again sends me around in a loop.

I can still access my bios, but at this stage it doesn't really help me much.

Has anyone alse heard of this?? If it's a virus does anyone know the name of it and how I might be able to remove - guess I'd need something on a floppy that I can use at boot up.


  rawprawn 11:52 20 Dec 2004

You could try Avast Cleaner on a floppy click here Thats the Cleaner not the av program I think the download is listed on the left of the page.

  georgemac 12:39 20 Dec 2004

try booting into safe mode - tap f8 repeatedly after the post test screen - it should boot into safe mode - if not then you have problems

try the suggestion above

next steps, reinstall of xp from the cd (there is a repair option but I've never used it)

remove the hard drive and fit to another pc with up to date anti virus & scan & clean the hard drive like this

  rawprawn 13:43 20 Dec 2004

If you use the repair option, you should not lose any data, but you will lose SP1/SP2 and any updates. Also you will need to reinstall SP1 before ypu will be able to get your internet connection to work again. If you have access to another computer, which it seems you have then
click here and sceroll down to repair for full instructions which are worth printing out before you start. I have Reinstalled/repaired a number of times and it is really quite painless. Good luck

  kelemvor 14:44 20 Dec 2004

Thanks, I'll give those a try.

  kelemvor 20:01 20 Dec 2004

Don't know how, but it seems my hard disk was wiped somehow. Didn't format or overwrite it. Strange!!!!

tried to dir the c: drive and nothing was found, wouldn't access at all. When I went through the repair stuff I kept being told that the drive couldn't be read. God knows what this was.

Don't get me wrong I've some IT experience so I'm not completely in the dark, but this one has stumped me. At least my important stuff is on my slave drive :0)

Oh well you live and learn, I'm now in the process of trying a full install of Xp to see if at least the disk is still working ok.

Thanks for the help guys

  PA28 20:04 20 Dec 2004

I know it sounds unlikely but check your memory's properly seated and OK. Try one stick if you have more than one fitted. This sounds uncannily similar to problems that my son had a while ago (posted elsewhere) and the problem then was memory somehow becoming faulty. New memory cured it - but the hard drive was still trashed I'm afraid.

  blueboys 20:07 20 Dec 2004

i had the exact problem and in the end ihad to reload my xp pro disc again.since then ive been ok

  kelemvor 20:08 20 Dec 2004

Cheers, but I've been able to access my slave drive which is a part of the same machine, so don't think that the RAM is the problem.

  PA28 22:57 22 Dec 2004

Careful - so could we (2 drives fitted). The slave drive isn't accessed as frequently as it is used for backups, therefore there was less scope for corruption. In the event, we were able to retrieve the backup data from there to recover the damaged master drive - after replacing memory and reinstalling the OS. :-)

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