Help needed plz concerning a Tag on my phoneline..

  OoOGazOoO 15:50 11 Feb 2007

Hi all, right, i have had a crap few days to be honest, phoning backwards and forwards between BT and AOL trying to get my internet working.

I was migrating from AOL to BT but am staying with AOL now that i have seen the BT speeds are crap in comparison to AOL. Only problem now is that i have no internet connection at all due to a Tag being on my line.

The tag apparently is an AOL tag, confirmed by the BT Wholesale team, yet when i call AOL, they tell me that they cannot remove the tag and also when i phone BT Wholesale, they tell me they cannot remove the tag either.

I just wondered if any of you guys on here had had similar problems in the past and if so, how did you manage to sort them out, because at the moment i am using my Mum's internet which obviously i cannot use all the time, and my internet connection at home (the one with the tag on it) is very important to me as i run a business through it.

Any help would be really really appreciated.



  Zero G 15:53 11 Feb 2007

Seems you are now experiencing the AOHell expereince in it's true light!

  SANTOS7 15:54 11 Feb 2007

click here

Follow instructions here,good luck..

  SANTOS7 15:56 11 Feb 2007

OOPS!! just read a bit more of link it does contain an expletive, appologies for that but it may help...

  OoOGazOoO 16:02 11 Feb 2007

Hi all, thanks for the quick responses.

Yes, i did read that above page yesterday and it seemed a good page.

However, oftel cannot actually remove the tags themselves.

I phoned BT Wholesale on 08001690934 and asked them to remove the tag and they told me that they couldnt, now i am not sure if that is true, because i am sure i read somewhere that they could remove any tag, if they wanted to, does anyone else know anything about that? ? ?

I am going to phone oftel tomorrow as they have been closed over the weekend and see what they have to say.

Thanks guys, keep the responses coming, much appreciated.

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