tinibopper37 11:20 03 Jul 2007

Hi there ive got two pcs for my daughters but only one internet connection which is virgin broadband through a cable connected to a modem and have brought a wireless router off ebay without really knowing what i am doing or if even right one. so have brought TP-LINK TL-WR542G not even sure if suitable for cable just says on back one wan and 4 ports and came supplied with a earthenet so can anyone help me as i totally lost just brought for kids

  ventanas 16:47 03 Jul 2007

Information on your product click here

You will need a driver in order to get it to work click here Make sure you get the right one.

As for set up instructions you could try the email address in the second link

You will also require a wireless adaptor for each PC with driver and set up instructions. These come complete from PC World to Argos. Either internal PCI cards, or external USB.

  mgmcc 18:01 03 Jul 2007

The router you've bought would appear to be suitable for connection to Virgin's Cable Service.

Power everything off, including the Cable Modem which should be left without power for two or three minutes. This is IMPORTANT so that it releases the association between the existing connection (recognised by its MAC address) and the IP address it has allocated.

Connect a network cable between the Router's WAN port and the Cable Modem's ethernet port. Connect a second network cable between one of the router's LAN ports and the network port in one of the PCs. Power on the Cable Modem and, when fully booted with all lights properly displayed, power on the router. Wait for it to be up and running and then boot the PC.

As a router is not *INSTALLED* in a PC, either as hardware or as software, there are no drivers involved - it is simply a network device to which the PC connects. By typing the router's IP address into your web browser, its configuration pages should open so that you set it up to connect to the internet and configure it for "wireless" connections. With Cable broadband there is actually nothing to configure for the ISP connection, set it to get its IP address by DHCP and that's it.

  tinibopper37 23:04 03 Jul 2007

hi i have actually got virgin broadband through a cable but had no cables with it just power supply so is this correct way i plug a eathernet from the modem to the router in one of ports at back then ethernet from each computer at back into the modem is that right way to do it bet it aint that simple is it. so what goes in the wan socket then as before brought this just had lead from modem which plugged into usb on pc cant use them can i.

  mgmcc 23:49 03 Jul 2007

You plug an ethernet cable between the Cable Modem's ethernet port and the router's WAN ("Wide Area Network" or "Internet") port. Then ethernet cables between the router's LAN ports and the networked computers.

The router will have a single WAN port to connect to the Modem and (usually) four LAN ports to connect computers to.

You don't connect anything else to the Cable Modem and you don't use USB connections.

  ambra4 23:59 03 Jul 2007

No the modem goes to the WAN port on the router the main pc is wired to port 1 so that you can configure the router

The other PC plug in to port 2,3,4 on the router

Do not use the usb port on the modem

It either the USB to pc and 1 PC ONLY can access the internet

Ethernet Cable from modem to WAN on router and 100 PC can access using Hubs, Switches, wireless etc connected to one of the port on router


  tinibopper37 00:09 04 Jul 2007

Hey all and thanks for helping me so just to double check that ive got it right i get a eathenet cable and connect it to eathernet connection on modem and other end to the wan at the back of the router and then i get another two eathenet and connect one to each pc and then to the ports at the back of the modem is that right

  ambra4 00:26 04 Jul 2007

all most not the modem the router

once you connect the cable from the modem to the router there is no need to touch the modem again

you now only working with the router

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