Help needed pls Sony handycam spare battery

  julius44 09:27 05 Jul 2010

Hello there and good morning to u all, I only normally post computer/internet problems here, but since the poeple here are knowleadgable about practically everything, ive decided to post this here as well, and i hope i can get peoples opinions pls.

Okay here we i have just purcahsed a brand new sonyhandycam from a friend for £ it was an unwanted gift....model DCR-HC27E Here is link

click here

Everything works fine, and ive intalled pci firewire card(many thanks Mat Alan!!!)

But here is the problem.....the battery that it comes with (NP-FP30) drains just tooooo quickly....ive just tested the camera to record just 5 for mins, and it drains almost in the manual it mentions a heavy duty battery(NP-FH100)....but its huge.....links are here:

click here

click here

Ive looked all over the net and prices vary and also and also ive seen the NP-FH70 battery which is only a bit smaller.....i'm on a budge tanyway, so i dont want spend anymore then btw £15-£20 please. Any suggestions pls??

  northumbria61 09:52 05 Jul 2010

NP-FH100 is indeed a heavy duty battery and should last a lot longer however I agree it is huge but no matter which site you look at the size won't alter.

You say the NP-FP30 battery drains too quickly - maybe it has just been charged too many times and has reached its life expectancy - so a new one shouldn't.

Here is the specification for your camera - click here and according to this continuous recording time with supplied battery should be 110 minutes.

  northumbria61 10:07 05 Jul 2010

From that same LINK you can access "Features, Accessories and download Manuals" Under the heading "Accessories" you will find 10 batteries listed and if you click on and choose a battery there is a "compatibilty tab" next to it - as in the NP-FH70 you also looked at.

click here

click here

  Muergo 10:08 05 Jul 2010

Which doesn't list that exact model but has two tested with model numbers very close so should be a similar product.

These are rated very good, not best buys, but they do say they have an excellent battery life, in excess of 110 minutes, lasts longest with screen switched off and just use viewfinder when shooting.

Have you tested the battery? what type is it,
Have you tested the charger?

You will need ammeter and voltmeter to do this properly on load.

You don't say how long it is lasting, there is a typo error at that point in your message.

  northumbria61 10:12 05 Jul 2010

Muergo - julius44 says ".ive just tested the camera to record just 5 for mins, and it drains almost instantly"

  northumbria61 10:13 05 Jul 2010

Muergo - I think he means "to record for just 5 mins"

  Muergo 11:00 05 Jul 2010

OK northumbria, I did not see your message before posting mine, they must have crossed over, or yours was delayed for some reason, very strange, I had refreshed the site before sending mine but yours was stuck in the system.

  Muergo 11:12 05 Jul 2010

Julius, when you get your new battery, (those prices look cheap to me, beware of cell build) ensure you charge it for 12/16 hours even if it seems to be charged already, this will set it's baseline, Lithium ion last longest if totally discharged before fully charging, but will tolerate top ups, but reduces life.

I always carry a spare fully charged and change it at the very last minute.

SO, now you have to buy two batteries!!!, get two different makes and prices, then you can do a test for yourself, make notes on a label with each one.

  scotty 12:21 05 Jul 2010

Check out 7dayshop for Sony compatible batteries: click here

  northumbria61 12:58 06 Jul 2010

Julius44 - as Muergo says "those prices look cheap to me, beware of cell build" - there is a saying "Buy Cheap Buy Twice" !!

  julius44 20:48 06 Jul 2010

Hi scotty, the 7dat shop link doesn't seem to work, pls can u resend. thanks

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