help needed please

  Mabinogion 02:15 07 Jan 2007

I bought a programme which ran from a cd rom and two floppies a while ago, but now I have changed the pc for a new one I can install the one part from the cd rom but the other two floppies I am stuck with now and can't install them having no A drive ~ I had already copied the files to the laptop when I still had the old pc but now it has gone all together I can't do it. I have tried copying the files from the laptop to the new pc but but for some reason it doesn't have the .exe file needed for the installation, the programme is a Welsh Language programme called Cysgair (which is the one on the cd rom which is ok) but the other two on the floppies are the other part which is the Welsh Spell Checker called 'Cysill 2.1 +' it is quiet a good programme for Welsh Learners like myself but I have tried and tried to find the file in the box to open it but it says 'windows cannot find the file' the application icon with the words CYSWIN.EXE is the one which starts the programme and if I click on it it will start and open the programme but it won't install it which is what I need to be able to use it is as part of 'Word' because it installs into 'word' so when you write in Welsh you can just click on the icon in the tool bar and it corrects the grammar, so any ideas what I can do to find the file please ~ or I could find someone with a floppy drive to copy it again I suppose and try again but was just trying to do it myself.

  €dstowe 06:39 07 Jan 2007

You can get an external floppy drive which works via a USB port. Example click here

  SLAYER 08:51 07 Jan 2007

What type of pc do you have?

  Cymro. 13:16 07 Jan 2007

I have just entered Cysill 2.11 in to Google and it came up with some places that may be able to help you.

I then clicked Did you mean Cysill 2.11.

Then Defnyddio Cysill 2.1 at top of page.

Then click Gwybodaeth Ychwanegol.

Then click Manylion Pellach and scroll to bottom of page.

There you will find various addresses that may be of help to you.

There are probably other sites on Google that will be of help.
Best of luck with it.

  Mabinogion 13:33 07 Jan 2007

Thanks for your replies and I didn't even think about an external floppy drive which could come in handy I suppose ~ thanks for that and the pc I have is a Packard Bell ? can't find the model number now as I have only just installed it all from my old PB it's an ismart? anyway as for the programme Cymro (you must be a Welshman with that name)it is 2.1+ so have found an address on the bottom of the instructions from the Welsh Language Board where I bought it from originally so have sent them an email too, but will find the pages you have mentioned above to see what else I can find, so big Thanks to you all.

  jack 17:22 07 Jan 2007

Here are two methods for you to try, both will need the help of a friend with a PC with floppy drive.

1 Copy the floppies to a USB drive and transfer them to your 'C' drive in a suitably prepared and placed folder.
Get said friend to burn them to CD disc into separate folders.
If need be create links from the CD Rom program to the new folder with the floppy contents

  Mabinogion 00:43 17 Jan 2007

Thanks for your suggestions but in the end I just went over our local Library and copied the floppies onto my memory stick and installed the programme from that so it worked a treat.
Thanks again.

  wee eddie 08:22 17 Jan 2007

Don't forget to keep back-up copies! Sticks are easily lost/mislaid

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