Help Needed! New CPU!

  Napster 2005 00:58 29 May 2006

I have a Packard Bell iMedia 1539. It has come to the stage where it need's upgarding for the heavy demand I use upon it. I play an online 'First-Person-Shooter' (FPS) game called Counter Strike : Source. I have recently purchased a Radeon Ati X800gt Pci-e 256mb GFX. It's still on it's way but when I get that it will improve my graphics but the card will be restricted by the processor which is a Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 517 with 1mb cache and 533mhz FSB. I want a new card and I know it's never going to match an AMD for performance in gaming but I don't want to change to motherboard to support and AMD CPU. I was hoping you could suggest the top Pentium 4 processor or above. I am not up to date with CPU's so I need your help. I would like to know the highest class Intel chip I can buy and if they do a Core Duo I would prefer that. I want the closest match to the highest AMD in production. My ram is very expensive so I will not be upgrading that yet but will be in the future. I have CL5 Kensington Ram of 2x 512mb. I will be upgrading to 2gb soon but for now I will be upgarding my CPU. I would also like to be told if Intel will be releasing a better cpu in the future that is worth waiting for. Thanks for your time. Xploit!

  Jimmy14 01:51 29 May 2006

I recommend that you get a dual core processor as they are very competitive regarding prices and would be alot more powerful than a pentium 4

I have an Intel Pentium d 3ghz dual core and it copes with everything i throw at it e.g high demanding games, video editing. By the way I think tat intel core duo is designed for laptops so you would be better with a dual core processor.

Have a look here

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click here

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  Gongoozler 07:27 29 May 2006

Hi Napster 2005. I think the problem you're going to have is that Packard Bell computers are designed as a package and aren't very upgradeable. PB are reluctant to give too much information about their computers and you will find it difficult to get much information about the motherboard your computer uses and what processors it can accomodate. In any case I doubt that it will take a much more powerful processor than it already has. You also have to consider that if you do fit a much more powerful processor you may need a more powerful PSU, you may need that for your new graphics card anyway. If you are thinking about buying one of the most powerful processors you will probably be spending in the order of £400 and a new motherboard to suit it would be about £100. A new PSU would be £20 upwards. My suggestion would be to get away from the restrictions of Packard Bell and either buy a new base unit or buy a new midi tower case, a new full ATX motherboard and the processor you really want. This wouldn't cost a lot more than shoe-horning the bits into the PB case and would enable you to continue upgrading to whatever level you want in the future.

  gudgulf 11:18 29 May 2006

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This is the motherboard in your pc......according to packard Bell it supports dual core Pentium D cpus.

Beware though...........all the informatio I can get from elsewhere suggests the ATI410 chipset on your board supports only singl core P4s and Celeron D processors.

The safest bet for your pc is to stick with a fast single core 6xx P4 click here

A 3.6 GHz costs about £270.

I would be very inclined to wait and see how your pc performs with its new graphics card before splashing out on a cpu.......your original is no slouch, and the whole rig is being held back by the onboard graphics far more than the cpu.

I'm running an older Socket 478 3.2GHz P4 with an X800Xt graphics card and that plasys all the latest games ar decent settings.

Check your power supply rating as well....Packard Bell tend to use barely adequate for the job units so if you upgrade too much you might be overstretching the psu.

  crosstrainer 11:40 29 May 2006

same as the rest of the guys... used to have the "privledge" of working for aforementioned company. If it was me, I would keep the case, and upgrade the mobo. This will make the entire system user friendly

  Gongoozler 11:44 29 May 2006

As a rule-of-thumb, I think you need a 50% increase in processor speed to achieve a noticeable improvement in performance. I understand that the P4 517 clocks at 2.93G, so a 3.6G processor would only be 23% faster. This would hardly give a spectacular performance boost for £270.

  Totally-braindead 12:33 29 May 2006

I too think you'd be wasting your time trying to upgrade the processor, being a branded pc theres simply too many problems that you can run into. Counterstrike doesn't require a mega pc to run it on so I'd just see how it does with the new graphics card.

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