Help needed - intermittent fault on F-S Scaleo 600

  cyberphobic 17:29 01 Dec 2007

I've been given a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo 600 (2.6 Pentium 4, 120GB HDD, 1GB RAM, XP Pro)it had been diagnosed by a local computer shop as having either a CPU or mobo fault and not being economic to repair. I reloaded XP, it worked fine for a day, then just died and wouldn't even POST. I replaced the power supply and the graphics card but nothing. I bought a replacement mobo (guaranteed working) fitted it but nothing. I bought a replacement processor - nothing. I then tried the new CPU in the old mobo and eventually got it to boot using the XP disk. I reloaded XP and all was fine, I had just finished loading the last of the Microsoft updates when the screen went black and it died again. Can anyone help me with this please, so far I have spent £60 on this free computer and I am determined to get it going!

  skidzy 17:41 01 Dec 2007

Just maybe its failing ram !
Have you considered overheating ?

Are all fans working ?
When replacing the cpu,you did use some thermal compound ?

What make and model mobo ?

  cyberphobic 18:15 01 Dec 2007

Swapped the mobo back to the new one - no change Swapped the RAM - no change
Fans all working
Removed CPU, carefully claened it and applied new paste - it booted up immediately, worked for five minutes and then blacked out again.
Mobo is a Gigabyte model for Fujitsu Siemens GA-81SXT-FS

  skidzy 00:29 02 Dec 2007

This seems to point to a psu problem...or even a driver issue.
As you have tried a different psu,i can only think of a buggy driver.
Have you ran the mobo driver and utilities disc ?

You have replaced the mobo/psu/cpu/ram fresh install of im at a loss of what to suggest...sorry.

Getting late now,but will have a deeper look tomorrow and see what i can find.

Just a thought though,do check the mobo is not shortening out.Try running the mobo out of the case on a piece of card.

  cyberphobic 09:14 02 Dec 2007

Just to recap - Mobo has been replaced, CPU has been replaced, PSU has been replaced, Graphics card has been replaced, Memory has been replaced. Fresh install of Windows and I have checked Motherboard not shorting out.
Only constants that I can see that remain are the case, the wiring and the CPU Fan/Cooler.
Any more ideas please?

  cyberphobic 10:03 02 Dec 2007

Have just discovered that mobo is GA-8ISXT-FS not GA-81SXT-FS

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:48 02 Dec 2007

Only thing you haven't replaced is HDD CD / DVD

Is one of these failing and pulling down the PSU voltages?

  cyberphobic 12:42 02 Dec 2007

Thanks for that - good thought, will try changing them as well, however, it doesn't POST when they are diconnected so I am not too hopeful!

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