Help needed with installation of LibreOffice

  Housten 12:40 18 Jan 2015

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

A couple of months or more ago I said I wouldn't be getting a new computer, well I have bought a second hand re-conditioned desktop unit as mine went phut! However when I tried to install MS Office - my wife and I used ( well she still does and I do on my laptop! ) 2003 Professional on the new hard drive it turned out that I had used my allocation of 'Activations'. Which means I have to use something else. I thought I remembered a programme that was an office suite from a few years ago and was told it had changed its name to 'LibreOffice' and was quite good, and could import Excel spread sheets. ( I should say that Excel and Word 2010 were left on the new drive, and I was told they were not totally complete, but what was 'missing' did not worry me. Then I found that 'external links' were excluded - and I use a great many! So bang went Excel! ) I have so far tried two sites - to be honest one was from what appeared to be the operating firm of LibreOffice - but neither has worked and I am just wondering if anyone knows how to get the programme to run. ( I was told to 'save and run' but nothing happened, so I saved the programme ( 215 MB ) and then tried to run it and was then asked if I wanted to go to the web for a programme, but when I said yes nothing happened!! ). I have asked the operating firm what I should do but I am not sure they will be able to help, so I am wondering if anyone has any ideas. My wife and I have talked this over and she said to try and see about another programme, but as it need to be able to download Excel spread sheets I have not got a clue. Her next suggestion - which I have been shying away from - is to buy the latest MS Office, but looking at the pricing it seems to me that it is a 'subscription' type thing, so if anyone can give me some illumination on that - especially how to avoid this by outright purchase, for instance - that could be very helpful!!

Many thanks to anyone who posts a reply.

  Ian in Northampton 13:04 18 Jan 2015

I'm pretty certain there is no limitation on number of activations, despite the message you're getting. In theory, you should have an activation wizard which, if you can't activate on line, will give you a number to call. Have you tried calling 0344 800 2400?

  Jollyjohn 13:04 18 Jan 2015


Not sure why you are having problems with LibreOffice - what Operating system is the desktop using?

In the meantime try this click here MS Office starter is a cut down version of Office, free to download and use.

  tullie 13:25 18 Jan 2015
  Housten 15:01 18 Jan 2015

Gentlemen, A very Good Afternoon,

Ian in Northampton, Many, many thanks for the number. I will try it tomorrow because I do know Office Professional 2003, and would prefer to keep using.

Jollyjohn I am using Windows 7 64Bit Home Office Premium, which was on my previous desktop and which I wanted to keep. I do not, under any circumstances, wish to have Windows 8 anything foisted on me. I sais in my original query that Excel and Word 2010 were on the machine. Having about 15 - 20% of my screen cut out because of MS adverts is not my idea of enjoyable nor is the fact that external links do not work when I need them in many of my spread sheets something I want.

tullie Many thanks for the link to a LibreOffice download site. What I am going to do is to try Jollyjohn's telephone number tomorrow, and if it doesn't work then I will try your link. Knowing, and having used Proessional 2003 for so long I am reluctant to give it up.

Gentlemen, many, many thanks for all the time and thought you have put in to answering a brain dead pensioner's problem.

  Ian in Northampton 16:08 18 Jan 2015

I've mentioned it before, but, for 'mainstream' software, you can't beat for the guaranteed latest version with no nasties and an automated install.

  Housten 14:37 19 Jan 2015

Ian in Northampton,

WHAT CAN I SAY?????? THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I can not shout, scream or rant about the telephone number load enough. I rang it this morning and unusually - especially for MS - it was all very simple. I got a new, numeric, code entered it into my newly installed Office Professional, closed it down, re-opened an Excel spread sheet, then another, entered a number into the first, went to the second, clicked = in a cell, went to the other spread sheet, clicked on the new number, back to the other and clicked 'enter' and it was there. This means that the 'external links' apply. To some this will not matter but half of my spread sheets get information from previous spread sheets and they are vital to me.

Just by way of information I tried installing LibreOffice, and got it in. Then I tried the 'external links' - no go. So it wouldn't have been any use to me!

Anyway, Ian in Northampton, once more, many, many, many thanks for your time, trouble and effort in helping a brain dead pensioner!!!!

  Ian in Northampton 14:54 19 Jan 2015

Housten: and thank you for the feedback. It's always a pleasure to help, and especially so in this case.

  BT 17:49 19 Jan 2015

To install the lastest version of Libre Office on Win7 you need to have Microsoft.Net 4.installed.

  Housten 12:46 26 Jan 2015

BT, Good Afternoon,

Many apologies for not replying earlier, but as you will have seen I got my MS Office Professional 2003 working, and so everything else receded into the background. That is not to say I was not grateful for your reply, as it explained why I had the problems I had with trying to install LibreOffice. Though I must say I would have thought that their installation programme would have checked that Microsoft.Net.4 was installed on my computer before even trying to install the main programme.

  BT 17:31 26 Jan 2015

According to the download website its supposed to check and install if necessary, but I found it didn't so I downloaded .Net 4 separately then LibreOffice loaded OK

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