Help needed with html code, can't fathom this out

  erkmatrix 11:24 29 Dec 2005

Hi Just wondered if anyone could help me out. I'm setting up this T-shirt site using click here who do the printing of the tees. Well I'm setting up a shop my spreadshirt site is click here and I built it in frontpage but for some reason I can't work out why the actually spreadshirt template of the shop that shows at the bottom of the page won't show up at the top where I wanted to put it. Just wondered if anyone knows why or what I've done wrong.

How it works is in the spreadshirt control panel they allow you to create a menu that matches your main website and copy and paste the html code from which ever software you used to create it into the header table provided. Then somehow the shop template is then automatically added to the page code.

heres a couple of examples that people have with working templates at the top

click here
click here

I've contacted spreadshirt about this but ths was their answer
"How to align it within your website depends on the way you have created your site.
Best would be to put the shop module into an own frame(iFrame). However, this goes a bit to far for our service coverage.As website programming is an endless field we unfortunately cannot care for such specific questions regarding to implementation.
If you try to put your shop on your website we assume you know what you are doing."

Just wondered if you'd be so kind to have a look and see if you could work out why the template is a the bottom.

Thanks so much

  Taran 13:32 29 Dec 2005

You've put the problem section in its own table underneath the rest of the page content.

Here's an example where I've moved it up to where it should be, or to where I think it should be based on your question: click here

If that's what you're after, get a zip file containing the FrontPage 2003 web that I used to set your page up here: click here

Unzip the site root directory and open up the example.htm file to see the code I changed.

Your images don't appear on my example becasue they are located on your server and not mine. If you upload the example.htm file to your web server and open it in your web browser it will display the imagaes from your site root.

You can copy the code from example.htm into your php file and off you go.

The people who write/supply the script are unlikely to provide support with embedding it into your site since they are right when they say there are many ways of doing so. They will provide simple destructions but after that it will be assumed that by buying it and using it you assume responsibility of creating output that will support the script.

Web programs can be tricky and most script companies will only provide support with the script itself. How you embed it is usually up to you and most companies assume that you will use a designer who knows how to handle things rather than try to 'roll your own' site.

Anyway, if you some unstuck post again and I'll try to help further.


  erkmatrix 14:06 29 Dec 2005

Hi Taran

Thanks so much for the help, I took the html from your example and put it in to the header section and the template appears in the right place put also appears with another template below that click here and when you click on a t-shirt its only the bottom template that goes to the product info page.

I'm a newbie on the ins and outs of web design as you've probably guessed, do you have any suggestions.

Whats a php file also?

Thanks for your time on this.

  Taran 14:38 29 Dec 2005

You don't copy my code and put it into the header area of your page, you replace the entire page HTML code with mine, leaving any PHP intact.

Basically you've added the amended code I gave you to a page that already has the template code on it, resulting in two templates in one page.

Your web script is written in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and this site will give you more information than you could ever want on the subject click here

Explaining how to fix this is not going to be easy. Bascially you need to delete a large portion of code from your page and for obvious reasons I don't want to be the one to tell you what to do in the event that it goes horribly wrong. But, here goes...

Needless to say, you should create a backup copy of any file you change to allow you to roll back if things do not go according to plan.

In your page code at line 1098 you have a line that reads:

</table><table class="standard" width="600" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" align="center">

Leave the </table> part of that line alone, then delete everything AFTER that tag to line 1985 that also reads:


So most of line 1098 right down to line 1985 (including line 1985) should be deleted.

That should leave the rest of your page as it should be.

Don't go deleting things willy nilly without taking adequate backups first. It's all well and good me saying get rid of X, Y, Z but if you are editing a PHP file and not an HTML file then the line numbers I've given you above will probably be very different on your document.

PHP is a web scripting language that is processed by the web server - the resulting HTML is output to the web browser.

Typically the PHP file will contain far more code than I can see since I am only reading the HTML output, hence I very much doubt that the line numbers I've given you will actually correspond to your files.


  erkmatrix 15:10 29 Dec 2005

Hi Taran

Is it possible to send my actual Frontpage saved file and see if you could see the lines that need deleting. As you say I don't want to go willy nilly getting rid of lines I may need.

Cheers Phil

  erkmatrix 15:16 29 Dec 2005

The actual html file I've got actually only goes to line line 119 cause all the rest is done by Spreadshirt so don't know really how all that work.

They just give you options to add graphics, header and footer html code and a CSS Stylesheet which it says you can control the elements of your html graphics, but I havn't altered anything of that cause I don't know what it is, it looks similar to html.


  Taran 15:44 29 Dec 2005

Click on the envelope icon next to my user name to email me - I will reply and from that point you can send me your web files as an email attachment.

You should zip the entire web root folder with all web files in it so that I can see what it is you are doing.

If I only get part of the puzzle I may not be able to assist.

Once we rearrange things appropriately we can post the solution for others to see.


  erkmatrix 17:31 29 Dec 2005

Just checking you received the email Taran,


  Taran 23:17 29 Dec 2005

Got your message and replied early this evening.

Waiting for your files...


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