Help needed with graphics card upgrade!

  simon_lambert 01:25 15 Mar 2007

I have a choice of nVidia EN7300GT 256MB card (upgrade of £14) or for £53 i can get 2 X nVidia EN7300GT 256MB & M2N4 Sli MB cards.

Which would be better to play games such as Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Half Life 2, Call of Duty etc...

Also, could someone please explain what 'M2N4 Sli' means. I'm quite confused!

Thanks :)

  crosstrainer 07:02 15 Mar 2007

Sli stands for " scaleable link interface" in essence, it means 2 graphics cards, linked together delivering greatly enhanced performance. Of the 2 options you have listed, and provided your motherboard has 2x pcie slots, I would go for the sli option. (2 cards) However, there is a caveat to all fully support vista and directx 10, you would need to upgrade your card again in the future.....if you do not plan to play the new DX10 games, then see if you can get a couple of 7900gt cards...much better and cheap now that the new cards are appearing.

  robbiepaul79 11:22 15 Mar 2007

So you arent upgrading your whole system now ??

  CodenameCueball 17:42 20 Mar 2007

if yure paying £53 for two it is well worth it. crosstrainer is right, SLi means 2 graphics cards running together. 512mb is a good amount. go for SLi.

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