help needed fast smoke coming from inside pc case

  Beverley Anne 22:19 12 Apr 2003

Hello again

I am really desperate for help the list below is what I have got to build a pc following the 3 part series that was pc advisor magazine.

Asus P4T533-RAID Motherboard Intel Pentium 4 2.66 GHz Boxed PC533
Enermax PSU ATX 431W (P-4) Microsoft OS Windows ME
Cordless Desktop Deluxe
Sanyo-Denki 80mm Fan - 3 Pin (FG-001-SY)
Alpha PAL8942 T Heatsink
LiteON LTR-52246S 52x/24x/52x CD-RW
Freecom Classic 4x DVD+R/RW - Internal
Coolermaster ATC-201 Case
Hercules 3D Prophet All-In-Wonder 9000 Pro 64MB
256Mb Rambus PC1066 32-bit RDRAM (RIMM4200)
Barracuda ATA V 120GB UDMA100 Harddrive
Ethernet card
Floppy Drive
pci card for dailup telephone service ( sorry forgot what it's called)

This is what I have installed I connected all cables to the motherboard. The last one I installed was the floppy drive did all the cables when I tested the pc to see if it was OK It wasn't there was smoke coming from inside the case.

Asus P4T533-RAID Motherboard Intel Pentium 4 2.66 GHz Boxed PC533
Enermax PSU ATX 431W (P-4) Cordless Desktop Deluxe
Sanyo-Denki 80mm Fan - 3 Pin (FG-001-SY)
Alpha PAL8942 T Heatsink
Hercules 3D Prophet All-In-Wonder 9000 Pro 64MB
2 X 256Mb Rambus PC1066 32-bit RDRAM (RIMM4200)
Ethernet card
pci card for dailup telephone service
Floppy Drive

Can anyone help me please a dare not touch incase it goes up in flames!!

The PSU Unit that I order from komplett came with a two pin socket for the mains like the one you see on some shavers I purchased a mains computer cable from staples they told me it would be suitable for my needs.

Am I out of my depth here - me thinks so!


  tbh72 22:25 12 Apr 2003

Oh dear..... This sounds like you could have your hands tied for a couple of hour's, make yourself a cup of tea then we'll go through it step by step

  tbh72 22:26 12 Apr 2003

PS - Unplug it from the mains!!!! & get yourself a screwdriver

  Gosford 22:31 12 Apr 2003

Is the little red switch on the back of your PSU switched to 240v and not 110v?

  sil_ver 22:31 12 Apr 2003

It's unusual for a UK PSU to only have 2 pins they are more likely to be for US or Europe. Are you sure that the rating is 220-250V and not 120V. In the UK a PSU needs to be earthed via the third pin. I can't be sure but I've not seen a 2 pin PSU altho' I suppose it's possible for a Laptop or that it's 120V/250V switchable.

  Beverley Anne 22:37 12 Apr 2003

Hi tbh27

I have already unplugged it got my screwdriver handy!

This won't be to hard will it?

I forgot to add in my message that some of the cables that come from the PSU the plastic covering as started to melt the one that I connceted to thev floppy drive.

Still stress but I am not giving in.


  tbh72 22:39 12 Apr 2003

K, are you in the UK. Should the PSU be 240v, and how badly damaged is it!!! If some of the cable's are chaffed I would stop right there & buy a new one

  Beverley Anne 22:41 12 Apr 2003

Hi Gosford

The red switch on the back shows 230v

is this what it soppose to be?


  tamc98 22:46 12 Apr 2003

I know it's a bit late but don't panic!
As the others have already said, unplug the computer from the mains and take a look at the voltage selector at the back. If it is set to 110V then you have blown the PSU. Blowing this will not usually cause any other problems as long as you turned it off sharpish. If this is the case then just get a replacement PSU, make sure you set the voltage to 240V and try again.
All PSU's sold in the EU are the same (we all use 240V). The only differance is the mains lead which can be swoped for a UK three pin type with no need for adaptors.
110V is for the far east and north america.
Most laptops have auto selection built into the PSU.

  tamc98 22:49 12 Apr 2003

God! I need to type a bit quicker.
was the cable melted before or after you fitted it?

  Beverley Anne 22:50 12 Apr 2003

Hi tbh72

Yes I live in the West Midlands, UK,

I thought I would have to buy another PUS. Can anyone help me with what to buy that would work with the pc that I am building and it suitable for use in the UK.


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