Help needed to edit a pdf

  geewis357 19:58 30 Nov 2006

Is it possable to edit pdf's, a friend of mine has got a download for one of his cisco certificates, the trouble is they have spelt his first name in lower case and he is a bit mift as it is a rather prestigious cert. I am open to any offers.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:02 30 Nov 2006

If I had a Cisco certificate I'm sure that I would have access to a pro pdf editor be able to use a scanner and associated software or be able to call the College etc and sort out another.


  VoG II 20:05 30 Nov 2006

I have Adobe Acrobat which allows limited editing of PDF documents although in my experience the results are not always as expected. If you click my yellow envelope you can send me a message, I'll respond and you can send the file as an attachment.

However, as this is a certificate it may well be password protected and locked against editing.

  SANTOS7 20:06 30 Nov 2006

Be tempted first to try and obtain another certificate i am sure they will oblige,
click here
the link will help if not..

  geewis357 20:40 30 Nov 2006

Hi GANDALF <|:-)>
this guy is for real and bothe of us have 2 certs each, I know about scanning and using Ocr but that was not the question, I wished to find if I could edit a pdf without all the hastle of fireing up my scanner and playing around.

  oldbeefer2 21:20 30 Nov 2006

try the free Foxit Reader

  Woolwell 22:54 30 Nov 2006

Seems to me that you could end up with something that looks like a forged certificate. Far better to get a new one.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:57 30 Nov 2006

click here is one that I use.


  geewis357 23:00 30 Nov 2006

Yes Woolwell I am starting to think the same, my certs are ok its my friend who is concerned. The prob is its not just this cert but last years cert as well, the tutor that handles everything does not speek good english and cisco are over in america, you would think in a university you could get this sort of thing sorted out, you would be wrong.

  terryf 23:07 30 Nov 2006

You may find that the certificate for the pdf is locked in which case you can't use the snapshot facility in Adobe Acrobat to copy and paste. You could scan in and use a photo editing prog but really you ought to go back to the issuer and request a new cert. An altered cert will always look dodgy but send a copy to me and then I can put my name on it and pretend to myself that after working on computers since 1963 I am cleverer than I think if I hang it on the wall

  geewis357 23:13 30 Nov 2006

Hi terryf, you can have it if you want but it has an ID on it so you could not use it, did they have computers in 1963 if so were they steem driven or did they work by clockwork

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