Help Needed with Easus Partition manager to increase C drive Space!!

  julius44 08:14 29 Sep 2011

Hello and good morning to you all. I need some urgetn help please. I have a lpatop, and from a previous post I installed the Easus Partition manager, free Edition.

This was due to the fact that when I set up the laptop, My D: drive(secondary drive) got too much hard disk space. And als when I was messing about in admin tools ive given the unallocated slot 141.60gb......I hope i'm making sense.

So on the home screen for Easus Manager I have the following:

C drive: Capacity 113.00GB Used 68.52GB Free 44.4gb Type: primary D drive: Capacity 25.71GB Used 131.80Mb Free: 25.58GB Type Primary * unallocated 141.60GB used 0 bytes Unused 141.60GB

So what i'm trying to do is get more disk space from the unallocated 141.60GB, for my c drive, so for example take an extra 100GB, but I cant figure out HOW to do this correctly please.

Can anyone put me in the right direction please??

  BRYNIT 08:50 29 Sep 2011

If you have the C partition with D partition next and then the unallocated space. When you try to try to extend the C drive you cannot due to no space available at the side.

To extend the C drive.

Open Easeus

Click and hold mouse button on D partition and drag it to the right you will now find the unallocated space between the C and D partition.

Click on C drive, go to move/resize partition. You can now use the unallocated space.

Hope this helps.

  julius44 09:49 29 Sep 2011

Brynit.....u are a STAR!!!! Followed your instructions to the latter, and I now have about 135GB free of hard disk space, thanks loadz!!!!!

Much appreciated!!

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