Help needed with *.dat files

  Bagsey 14:33 07 Jan 2006

I have today received an email from acquaintence in the USA. It contained a number of attachments which I failed to open. I discovered that they were .dat files. On further research I found that they were PROBABLY file produced by emailing attachments using MS Outlook but I use Outlook Express. There is a convertion program out there that I know of but it does not work on Windows XP. Does anyone know of a program that will save me having to ask for the files to be resent in plain text. Thanks for any help that you can give.

  stalion 14:42 07 Jan 2006
  stalion 14:43 07 Jan 2006

not sure if it will work it's for windows 95

  Bagsey 14:57 07 Jan 2006

nope that is not the answer. Any more ideas out there. Thanks

  Bagsey 15:35 07 Jan 2006


  lotvic 21:37 07 Jan 2006

taken from: click here

quote ""HOW TO...
Read winmail.dat files

Sometimes the attachments on emails I receive come through as a "Winmail.dat" file, and I can't open them. When I contact other recipients of the same email, they received it with no problems at all. I often ask to have these emails to be sent to me again, but this doesn't sort out the problem.

The problem is caused when people using Microsoft Outlook send an email in Rich Text or HTML format — and you, the recipient, aren’t using Outlook.

The original message attachment may be included in the Winmail.dat file attachment (which contains the email's formatting info).

Reading the original attachment

If you're using a PC, download the program WMDecode from click here. It allows you to decode the winmail.dat files and extract any useful attachments from them.

If you're a mac user, get TNEF's Enough click here to decode winmail.dat TNEF attachments.

Preventing the problem

Unfortunately there's nothing you can do on your side to fix the issue, apart from using Outlook.

You can ask the person sending the emails to only send you messages in Plain Text format, though.

If you're in their address book, they must:

* Open the Outlook Address Book and double click on your name
* Select the 'Name' tab in the 'Properties' window that opens.
* Tick the box at the bottom of the window that says: "Send email using plain text only".
* Click 'OK'.

If they enter your name manually in the message's To: line, each time they send you an email they must compose it as they normally would. Before sending the message, though, they must choose 'Format' | 'Plain Text' from the menu bar.

If they want to send all emails in plain text format:

* Select 'Tools' | 'Options' from the Outlook menu.
* Select the 'Mail Format' tab in the window that opens.
* Select 'Plain Text' in the first list, under the "Message Format" heading.
* Click 'OK'. """end quote

  Bagsey 22:50 07 Jan 2006

I tried that site and dowloaded the software but to no avail. Still cant open the attachments.?????
Thanks for trying to help.

  octal 08:26 08 Jan 2006

You might be able to unpack the files using this web based tool click here

There is a tool to use to unpack them yourself, unfortunatly there isn't a Windows version, only Linux.

  ami 18:24 09 Jan 2006

WMDecode.exe - read all about it here click here
download from here click here

  Bagsey 19:09 09 Jan 2006

I have tried that program and it tells me that my file contains no attachment. I think that I may be doing something wrong but?????
All I can say is that I have about 7 files ending in .dat which I have failed to open. Heeeeelp. To make matters worse they are my wifes files so bi----g grief. I cant see any reference to winmail.dat??

  lotvic 22:45 09 Jan 2006

quote""I have about 7 files ending in .dat """

what is the full file name? ??????.dat

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