Help needed with changing from itunes 32 bit to itunes 64 bit for new desktop

  julius44 06:45 07 May 2011

Hello and good morning to u all. I have 2 very, very important questions that i NEED to be kindly answered for me pls.

In about 7 days time i'll be taking a delivery of a new windows 7 64 bit desktop machine from mesh. I currently have a 5 yr old windows XP 32 bit machine. All my itunes music is currently stored on my 1tb external hard drive,..and i know how to transfer my music to new desktop..thats fine, but HERE is the problem. I have painstakingly made over 100 playlists on my current xp desktop which is with itunes 32 bit. I know that when I get my new desktop which will be 64 bit,...then i should download the 64 bit version of itunes....but I NEED to be able to import ALL MY PLAYLISTS FROM MY OLD DESKTOP TO THE NEW DESKTOP. How can i do this please without ANY problems??

my second question is this: Currently when i purchase music, in my viewing options I also have the date added box.....and my itunes library is in date added my most recent music is ALWAYS be at the top of my library, this just makes it easier for me to look for stuff. I'm VERY concerned whether this will be the case when i get the new desktop and import my library from my hard drive...whether it will import ALL my music as just 1 date...or whether it will still distinguish ALL my music for me when i use the date added field again......which is what i want to happen!!!

As much help for BOTH questions would be much appreciated as my music is the most important thing to me on my desktop!!! many thanks Jules

  Woolwell 15:10 07 May 2011

I see that you've asked on iLounge.

This will move your query to the top. I don't use iTunes.

  bremner 15:49 07 May 2011

Don't worry about 32/64 bit all you need to do is transfer the iTunes library to the new machine Click Here

  julius44 19:07 09 May 2011

Hello guys, and good evening to u all. I put the problem I have on ilounge....and hers is the advice that someone gave to me. Below is the link:

Okay....i'm having problems understanding what to do with some of this i'm hoping to get some help here, I cant seem to log back into the ilounge website for some strange reason anyway, lol.

The main reason that i keep coming back to my post is that I MUST get it right first time!!! Okay firstly ALL my itunes music mp3 files are stored on my external hard drive E:(not the desktop hard drive) So as prev stated above under advanced tab in itunes, my itunes media location is E:\ ive ticked the keep itunes media folder organised. ive ticked the copy files to itunes media location when adding to library.

From the link above(pls read ALL) paragraph 3,....s2_mac mentions that that I need when I connect my external drive E, to my new desktop PC, and MAKE SURE THAT IT HAS THE SAME DRIVE LETTER ON THE NEW MACHINE THAT IT HAD ON THE XP MACHINE,...and he emphasized that this is critical!!!! Now i'm a bit confused about HOW to get my new desktop pc to recognize my external hard drive as only E: drive when it is attached., and he said to use computer management to PERMANENTLY ASSIGN that drive to the external drive E. I read about how to do this online, and it seems to be fraught with various problems.

So any help would be much appreciated pls....if u look at the first post u will see that the reason that i'm doing this in first place, is to keep ALL my over 100 playlists, and keep my library in date added format hence my latest music is always at top and the dates go down in descending order.

I've noticed that ive had a few views...but not that may much help as possible will be appreciated pls. If you read the link from ilounge then you will understand my dillemma.

I DO not want to start doing all my playlists, etc from scrathc, as thats over 2 years of hard work down the train!!!! So this assigning my external drive E: to my new desktop drive E: is of the utmost importance. thanks.

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