Help needed with a browser hijacker issue

  Red Devil 15:39 30 Nov 2006

Hi all,

A friend of mine has an issue with her PC having a browser hijacker on it and I'm not sure how to sort it out for her. Everything that I would normally do to sort an issue like this out has failed so far.

Initially, the issue affected IE only with any attempt to connect to the more popular sites that she tended to use - Tiscali, Google, Yahoo, the BBC news site, etc - being redirected either to a site that advertised Viagra and other adult products and had a search engine facility that would always return searches with an adult theme or what appeared to be a Google search engine openening but that would have any searches made ALWAYS being for fake sites, ie, a search for Spampal would take you to another adult themed site rather than click here as it should have done.

I got round this by installing Firefox 2 but now Firefox appears to have been affected by the same browser hijacker. Any request for any of the major search engines, any of the UK ISPs, any site that is for a security product, any site like this one that would be able to help out with an issue like this or any other popular site ends up with connecting to an adult themed site.

I had installed SpywareBlaster on her computer but this had had it's protection disabled when I checked it despite my knowing it had been enabled when it was installed as I was the one who installed it. I have also run scans using SpyBot S&D (which runs a full scan every time the computer starts up), A Squared, Ewido and SpySweeper but these find no issue with any browser hijacker. AVG Anti Spyware, AntiVirus, Zone Alarm and Spampal are also installed and running.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how I go about identifying the issue affecting her computer and, more importantly, any tips on how I may possibly sort the issue out? My friend has 2 teenage children under 16 and has had to ban them from using the internet due to her obvious concerns that they may see a site that is totally inappropriate for them. This is now affecting their ability to do some of their homework for school so she'd like this issue sorted out ASAP for obvious reasons.


  Jackcoms 15:51 30 Nov 2006

Try CWShredder click here

  birdface 16:19 30 Nov 2006

Someone with the same problem,click here

  birdface 16:32 30 Nov 2006

If you look down the page in this one, Vog Explains how to run Hijack this And post results toclick here Forum,That seemed to have fixed other computer,

  Red Devil 12:07 01 Dec 2006

Cheers for the help people.

I've done a scan using CWShredder and it found no issues.

I've done a Hijack This scan and e-mailed myself the results as my friend is prevented from accessing it by the browser hijacker that's got onto her PC so that I can post them up on the forum recommended and will let you know how I get on.

Mucho appreciated.

  Red Devil 14:02 04 Dec 2006

Many thanks for all the help provided and it looks like the Malware Removal forum has got the issue sorted out.

I ran Fixwareout, Smitfraud and Killbox and it appears to have sorted the issue out.

When I ran HijackThis, some of the registry TCP/IP settings were set to send any DNS requests to a dodgy website that would then send any attempt to access the sites my friend was trying to access to adult oriented sites.

Still, all sorted out now (fingers crossed)!

Cheers all.

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