help needed after re-install please

  charlton200 11:32 13 Dec 2006

Hello could you give me some advise please,

I rang technical support yesterday as my computer screen was going off every 5 min with "time out message" or no signal or just black. If i restarted again ,it was the same or nothing at all.
If I left it 10min I could get another 5 min worth of use, so it was practically unusable.
Technical support told me to ring the software support as it was a software problem. As I was unable to use the f10 recovery because it didn't work and because i have been unable to shut the computer down properly for some time and system restore doesnt work, they told took me though the format and re-install using the recovery disc.

After I re-installed i was getting the message
"the application failed to initialize properly (oxooooo135) click OK to terminate" sign twice on ever boot up and also serious system message come up 4 time and then after 5 minutes a blank screen again.

I thought i would try a restore on my own this time to see if it went OK.

At the moment it seems to be OK.
The only drivers I have installed are the sound driver.

I am worried that if i install the video one it will cause the same problems.

The drivers folder that i have put back on the computer (but not installed except the sound card one)

E trust - isp - keyboard - manuals - pinnacles - SCSI - sound - updated - video- networking- modem- motherboard.

Now could you tell me please which one of these drivers need installing.

Its very confusing when you go into say the motherboard folder and there are so folders and setup in that particular folder that you don't (or i don't ) know which ones to install and which ones to leave.

I know i have to do the video one as the graphics are not smooth but i am really worried about that one in case that's making my monitor keep going off.

i have also noticed that the standby button is now not in use and I can only use turn off and restart.

Sorry its a bit long, but if you can help me on any thing i would be grateful.


  Technotiger 11:48 13 Dec 2006

Hi, I am not really a techie, but looking at things logically, and as has oftem been said on this Forum, re-install each of these items still to be done, and try again after each individual one, you should then see which is the culprit - if it indeed is any of these. If you suspect Video, then that should be the first one to check.

When I first read your Post, I immediately suspected your Monitor, especially if it is a flat-screen which uses a separate Power-pack, if it does come down to this, I would try your monitor with a different Power-pack.

Good luck.

  charlton200 16:50 13 Dec 2006

Do I need to install all of those drivers mentioned .


When you go into say the motherboard driver folder there is so many folders and setup's in the one folder, that I am not sure of which one to click on.
All of the driver folders are like that.

The sound folder which is the only one I have installed was easy as it had only one setup in its folder.


  Technotiger 17:05 13 Dec 2006

One at a time, starting with the Video. See if we can get that far first.

  charlton200 19:16 13 Dec 2006

As I thought the video is giving me the problem. I installed the video from the drivers/folder
And as soon as it restart the computer, I get the error message as before

The application failed to initialize properly (oxoooo135 ) click ok to terminate. And the screen was still flickery.

  Technotiger 19:29 13 Dec 2006

Well it is nearly Christmas - time to get yourself a nice new prezzie, in the form of a Graphics card.

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