help needed

  neil2008 18:23 15 Nov 2008

hi i wonder if any one can help me i am using a pay as you go dongal i have been told i can get a better signal usin my mobile phone for the signal
i have been told i need to buy a 3 in 1 usb lead i have been to pc world and they were stratching there heads and as well as carphone warhouse

i can buy the lead fron hong kong but i need some think else to connect my phone into

all replys will be welcome

  neil2008 18:27 15 Nov 2008

this is the picture of the leads

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  gengiscant 18:28 15 Nov 2008

Hi neil2008,I'm sorry not sure what your problem is.
Are you using a dongle to connect your laptop to the internet,and you want to use your phone as a modem?

  neil2008 18:33 15 Nov 2008

i am using the dongal to connect to the internet
i have been told that i can use my phone to get a better signal i am not using it as the modem

  MAT ALAN 18:37 15 Nov 2008

ut i need some think else to connect my phone into.

your bank account!!!, doing it your way is gonna cost a fortune, cheaper to run through modem...

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