Help needed with 1st time attempt at partitioning

  computerdiv 14:59 19 Dec 2008

Hi all, I have just reformatted my system and wish to attempt partitioning my hd so that I can seperate win xp from the rest of the junk that I seem to amass with each installation eg. Games,Burning Tools,Antivirus software.
I think that this will speed up the boot time and overall speed that my pc will run at.

I have a 500gb hd
I was thinking of leaving 20gb for windows xp: C drive
all other applications : G drive

I have no idea how partitioning works!

Once I have partitioned windows off and insallation is complete with mobo and all basic system application drivers installed, what happens next?

If I just continue to load games and antivirus software to the G drive partition, I think the C drive will fill up. I think all loaded info goes to the program files folder under C drive. Is this right?

If this is the case, how do I stop this happening?

Can I redirect all loaded software to the G drive?

I'm sure to have loads more questions on this.
thanks for any and all help that comes my way

  DippyGirl 15:12 19 Dec 2008

You may want to leave programs installing to C: and just keep your data (docs/pics/music/video etc) on the other partition(s)
That way you can backup and restore the entire s/w environment program folders/registry independently of the data they process
May also want to create another partition for the swap/page file

If you arent looking to get an external drive have another partition you can backup the C: partition to using an imaging program.
Of course if you lose the HDD you are sunk, but if you mess up the C: partition could restore the s/w environment from the BU partition

20Gb should be plenty for XP if its just for software

  computerdiv 15:45 19 Dec 2008

Hi dippygirl. I load on lots of games that take up a lot of gbytes. If I install them on drive G: then will this fill up drive C: also, as windows directs them to program files?

  DippyGirl 16:23 19 Dec 2008

Never installed a game in my life but I guess its just like any other program
The install dialog normally gives you the option of where you want to put the programs suggesting C:\Program Files
I supose you could redirect to your other partition - I would probably forget and end up with them all over the place
I was only suggesting you keep all the software together for backup/recovery
If its a performance thing as you are after only having logical partitions and not a seperate HDD it may not make any difference

  DieSse 00:23 20 Dec 2008

"I think that this will speed up the boot time and overall speed that my pc will run at."

DippyGirl is right - just putting them onto a different partition in and of itself, won't make any difference - it might even slow things down by a minute amount if it makes hard drive accesses take longer.

All the stuff that slows your PC down will get onto drive C anyway.

There are some minor advantages to partitioning, such as faster backups under some circumstances - but all programs don't even give you the option to install anywhere else except C.

You might want to try putting data on a separate partition - especially if you have a lot of media files.

  stlucia 11:57 20 Dec 2008

I've got a 500Gb drive, partitioned into 40Gb for Win XP and all programs, and three other partitions for other specific types of data. I don't know about games, but with all the programs I've got I have the option to define where they store their data, so it's only the actual program files that go on the C:\ drive.

I've done it mainly so that it makes finding things easier -- I know for instance that all my video is on my "VIDEO (I:)" drive.

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