Help! Need networking Guru.

  djamoran 21:45 20 Oct 2011

I have just bought a Linksys E4200 following the review on PC Advisor. That I thought this could replace my Orange Broadband Gigaset SE572 as an ADSL Router should show my naiivety when it comes to networking!

What I have decided to do is this, use the Gigaset SE572 as a modem then Ethernet link the E4200 to this so i'll still have the speed for my home network.

I have run the installer that came with the E4200 and managed to get an internet connection.

So, onto the issue.

I have issues playing a game which requires a number of ports to be opened, FSX.

Is there any way to just forward the ports on the E4200 or do I have to do it on both?

Can I setup the Gigaset to open everything to the E4200 so I only need to change settings on that?

What settings does the Gigaset need to have when it comes to the router page, I'm getting lost in NAT, DHCP, etc.

Thanks in advance for your help, I've tried to resolve it myself but the last thing I did was to disable DHCP on the gigaset and everything disappeared. I've spent the past 3 hours just getting an internet connection through the E4200 again


  mgmcc 08:01 21 Oct 2011

If you've connected the Linksys router's RJ45 ethernet WAN port to one of the Gigaset's LAN ports, it (the Linksys) will behave as though it is connected directly to the ISP's own router. Therefore any port forwarding or other configuration should only need to be done in the Linksys.

The one important requirement when using a sub-router in this way is that both routers operate in a different subnet (IP address range). The third octet (number) of each router's IP address must be different, e.g. and

The sub-router's WAN IP address would normally be an internet address allocated by the ISP, but in your case it will be a LAN IP address allocated by the main router. DHCP must remain enabled in both routers so that the main router allocates an IP address to the sub-router and the sub-router allocates addresses to connected computers.

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