help! need to create more disk space on C:?

  karbo 11:47 30 Aug 2007

i have no disk space left on c: drive which has 27GB and 138mb free.
i have 197Gb of free space on D:!(sony Vaio)

i have 15Gb in itunes on the c: drive whic seems the easiest option to move it to D.
But, i am still a novice and do not want to move it or cut and paste it to find i cannot use the tracks etc what is the correct way to move itunes across to D: drive so i can then free up the space!
i am getting obvious poor performance at present.

  holme 12:14 30 Aug 2007

Suggest you first COPY itunes from drive C: to Drive D:

Then test out thoroughly using the files on Drive D:.

Then when you're totally confident that all is working OK, DELETE the relevant files from Drive C: - maybe playing extra-safe and doing it in chunks rather than all in one go.

Then (finally!), empty your Recycle Bin.

This is called the 'belt, braces and bits of string' approach. :-) HTH.

  brundle 12:21 30 Aug 2007

Regarding moving ITunes folder & library;
click here

Use CCleaner to clear out temporary files too; click here

  karbo 12:23 30 Aug 2007

i am copying the itunes folder across now 117 minutes! which is located in "my music" and then will copy itunes application across and see if that works?

  karbo 12:56 30 Aug 2007

will ccleaner automatically check both C: & D: drives for tem files etc or do i have to install that again and run 2 versions?

  brundle 13:01 30 Aug 2007

You only need one installation of CCleaner.

  karbo 14:26 30 Aug 2007

i have tried the following and it has not worked

i have copied the itunes music folder to d:

destination; D:\iTunes1

i have installed a new version of itunes from the web onto the d drive and that runs okay and plays the files from the c:drive
destination: C:\Documents and Settings\currys\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music
but if i load a new track on it only goes into this folder not the copied one on D:

so if i delete this music folder it will not play the tracks? any suggestions?

it seems like i need to tell itunes where to play the tracks from and where to store new tracks when added?

  brundle 14:30 30 Aug 2007

No need to install ITunes application on the D drive.
click here

  karbo 14:34 30 Aug 2007

i think i have cracked it i have found a setting in itunes that allows me to point it and browse a folder and it seems to have worked!

many thanks

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