Help my wireless connection is rubbish!

  athertpa 10:43 15 Mar 2011

Hi all,

Today I have had fibre optic broadband installed at home, this has improved by broadband speed by x 20!!!

Only issue I have is that my desktop pc upstairs is only getting poor signal strength (which is the same as before) while my laptop in the same room has max signal strength.

How can I improve this?

On the desktop I am using a netgear dongle wg111t, I suspest this may be the problem but how can I tell?


  rdave13 11:25 15 Mar 2011

If the wirless adapter is connected directly to the usb port then possibly an 'extention' usb cable might help. This will allow you to reposition the adapter and search for a better signal. My adapter ended on the bedroom floor for the best signal.
For example only; click here

  961 11:45 15 Mar 2011

click here

Sometimes repositioning of the adapter/router may help, as suggested above, but often over a distance or through walls/ceilings you may need either to cable the connection, use a repeater, or add better aerials

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