Help my sounds gone

  golfpro 11:12 14 Apr 2006

OS XP Home.
I was listening to a radio broadcast this morning and suddenly I lost the sound. I have checked all the connections, but they seem OK, I have tried on various things CD player my music library two different media players etc but still no sound. Everything else is working fine. where do I start looking now.

  Smiler 11:21 14 Apr 2006

Do you have powered speakers if so are they on.
Go into device manager and look under sound,video and games controllers to make sure your card is there.

  golfpro 11:38 14 Apr 2006

Everything checks out OK in device manager, I do have remote powered speakers but they also are OK as far as I can see.

  Jackcoms 11:42 14 Apr 2006

Occasionally I lose all sound for no obvious reason.

I usually find that System Restore back a day or so does the trick.

  golfpro 11:51 14 Apr 2006

Its back again, I had a look in Control panel>Sounds and Audio, and found that for some unknown reason the "Device volume control" had decided to set itself at the lowest setting meaning NO SOUND.
All I would like to know is why, but I don't think I will ever find out!!!

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