++HELP!! my Sony Vaio will not run, only in safe mode

  laptopdunce 09:02 24 Jan 2014

Ihave a Sony Vaio with windows 7, ( in Holland) I have just got a new Huawei modem for fast broadband from my ip company, (Tmobile online.nl) it is great and much faster BUT on installing to my laptop I used the CD rom and it worked fine, but on logging off the laptop when I restart the laptop wont start up properly, I am currently in safe mode with networking which works fine, but in normal start up the desktop appears but I cant open anything, the mouse moves the cursor but you cant click on ANYTHING, only a little round icon appears that rotates, it stays like this for HOURS and then I have to shut down and start it in "safemode with networking" just to get on the interent - its a bloody PAIN!! - what can be wrong?? I do get the little Sony Vaio window appear that says the wifi and bluetooth confirgurations are all OK but then nothing will open, can anyone help?? ( I cant log on to BBC radio as no sound in the safe mode with networking, and I cant really keep it running in safe mode "forever" because I cant fix it - this sony Vaio has been a Pain in the a**e since I got it and I dont think I would buy another Sony EVER AGAIN!! thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  xania 09:39 24 Jan 2014

I would suspect that the new driver you have installed for your modem is faulty - either in its entirety or in the way it has been installed. AS a starter, you should uninstall your new driver, and then attempt to reboot the computer normally. If this works, you have located the cause of the problem. Now reinstall the modem driver, and, if the problem recurs, you will have to go to your modem supplier for technical support in installing the driver

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:12 24 Jan 2014

Try Ctrl Alt Del - task manager

to see what is running and hanging your Laptop. also look in the processes tab to see what is taking up most cpu cyles and memory.

report back.

  laptopdunce 11:12 24 Jan 2014

Hi, thanks for that, I dont really understand this, the router I have is a Model HG655d - funny thing is that my tablet has just recognized the Huawei router fine and installed and connected to internet with the WPA2 key code, (though it is showing a "certificate" warning on every page I visit, but it is connected to internet via the modem just fine) Do you think my laptop would recognize the router WITHOUT using the CD rom that came with the router? I am really a DUNCE with these things and I just dont know what to actually "do" physically to check these things, like when someone said check the "device manager" I havent a CLUE where to look for that, I know it is somewhere in the start menu but I dont know where. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 11:59 24 Jan 2014

vERY ODD THIS!! I have just connected my little asus netbook in another room to the modem and it works fine, I am on internet with it, but since turning off the router for 10 secs and restarting the SONY vaio laptop it wont even get on the internet even in Safe mode with networking now!! How can this happen that I dont even put the CD rom in the Asus netbook and it connects fine to internet via the modem (after putting in the WPA2 key code) but my Sony Vaio is kapot!! when I did first install the new modem my Sony vaio wouldnt connect to internet even after putting in the WPA2code (from the icon on the task bar and NOT using the CD rom, it was when I put the CD rom in and then the Vaio connected fine to the internet, but on logging off, when I re logged on I have all these problems, its a bit of a nightmare, I just dont know what to do now with the Vaio as I cant even get on internet in the safe mode with networking now!! what can I do?? Oh, I DESPISE these damned things!! LAPTOPDUNCE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:01 24 Jan 2014

see my post above

What does task manager show?????

  rdave13 12:04 24 Jan 2014

Try a system restore before you installed from the CD, then just connect to the net same as your netbook did. I never use these CDs with routers.

  laptopdunce 12:09 24 Jan 2014

Hi fruitbat I am going to try that now, I have reopened in standard mode but the mouse and the keyboard are not responding at all on the vaio, I am only using my Asus netbook in the other room here (which works fine!!) but with a TINY screen I have to scroll all the time to see something, I have clicked the ctr+alt+dlt on the vaio and it has appeared as task manager FINALLY but the round icon is just turning and nothing is happening, (5 mins now) Ah, the w2indows task manager menu has appeared but the mouse icon is turning around all the time, I think something is seriously wrong here!! I hope its not going to have to be a system restore again!! Ah, the mouse leting me click on the various tabs now, so what have I got to look for?? LATOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 12:17 24 Jan 2014

THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!! I think I must do Rdave's system restore! can I do system restor from the standard log on? I cant understand why the vaio didnt connect to internet when I did first put the WPA2 code in as there was an icon in the system tray that showed the router? but when I put in the WPA2 code it just brought up a window on google and i.e. saying "not connected to internet" but my netbook connected first time! I then used the CD rom in the Vaio and following the steps on their it did connect. I just need to get the main laptop connected so I can do my business on that, the netbook is OK but far too tiny to use the screen. That vaio has been NOTHING but trouble!! so can I do system restore directly from the start menu in normal log on mode on the Vaio? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 12:28 24 Jan 2014

Rdave, Ihave just started the system restore in safe mode on the vaio, and chose the last update date on the 21st jan as the restore point (this bloody modem and CD rom arrived ysterday, the 22nd) so I guess that will eradicate whatever is causing the vaio to jam up?? will let you know what happens, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 12:37 24 Jan 2014

WEIRD!! I got a page for logging on again and then when I logged on (seemed to be on the normal page, not the safe mode page) then an adobe window appeared for an update, and a little window saying "windows restore point did not finish correctly...) what can I do with this horrible computer to get it back working again?? LATOPDUNCE

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